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Wood Element: Incorporating Ancient Principles of Feng Shui into Your Resort/Spa Retail

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Wood is one of the favorites to incorporate into a Spa/ Boutique retail space and the best place to incorporate the wood element is in the East and Southeast area of your Resort/Spa retail area.

Items that you can add to this area are obviously plants and flowers, which many already make use of in very creative ways. (Heathy plants and flowers are preferred over silk flowers and/or dried flowers). Wood picture frames and wood displays are also great to consider for these areas.

Since more products sell when displayed properly, worth considering are point of purchase materials and product displays made of wood. Wood is durable and is also pleasing to the eyes.

In terms of colors, many like to incorporate the color green into these areas: pastel green, mint green, lime green, apple green, hunter green are super popular colors, and product categories that incorporate shades of green do favorably in these areas.

It is best to avoid placing metal in these areas, so preferably no metal counter, floor, and/or wall displays. The supporting element of water, is wonderful to incorporate in these areas. Fountains are a terrific way to incorporate with this supportive element – table top, counter, wall, and/or floor fountains are wonderful in this these areas.

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