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Wholeness, Entrepreneurship, and Being Married/Single

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Being an Entrepreneur and speaking with many Entrepreneurs daily, I find the topic of “wholeness” quite fascinating. What is “wholeness?” In some of my previous posts, I pose the question as to what do many of the words we “throw” around in sentences really mean.

The meaning of “words” is always open to discussion, as words are really just symbols of symbols – no real inherent meaning. It is the meaning each of us gives to these words, that really matters, and usually it is based upon experience – our experience of resonance and also our experience of contrast. We know what love is – sometimes because we know what it is not. We know what a friend is – sometimes because we know what it is not. I think this is the same for wholeness – we know what wholeness is, sometimes because we know what it is not. For me, when discussing “wholeness,” the words balance, flow, alignment, authenticity, and joy always come up.

These days, many ask others – are you married or single? What does that really mean? And moreover, what does this question mean in terms of “wholeness?” I know many married people, that feel like they have “expensive handcuffs” around their arms, and I know many married people that feel totally free with days filled with flow and joy. I also know many single people that are not happy unless they find that “one” person that “completes them,” and I know many single people that are thrilled completely with their own life, have their days filled with joy and flow, and have more love in their lives, than some couples married 50 years.

Since most entrepreneurs by nature, seek freedom, in all areas, it is usually entrepreneurs who remain single until they find their “one” that is also seeking freedom as well. It is more of a complementary relationship, and one in which both feel free to be authentically themselves. In our society, finding that special “one” seems to permeate our culture, and entrepreneurs seem to continually live outside the box, and seek their own meaning in all their experiences. Life is indeed a journey, and ultimately we are here to be “whole” – as the “opposite” of whole is “divided,” and/or “scattered.”

So, back to the original question as to what is “wholeness?” I saw this Devon Franklin episode where the popular topic “Why are you still single?” was addressed:


His clear and sharp responses were as follows:

“I’m still single because I’m whole”

“I’m all good by myself”

“I’m single because everything is right for me”

“I’m going to stay single until the right person shows up”

In these times we are living in, I feel it is of the utmost importance to show others respect, and maybe not ask so many questions of others, which are really none of anyone’s business. The ultimate respect goes to those living authentically from the heart, making choices that are “right” for them and aligned with who they truly are, and those seeking and demonstrating a life of joy, balance, freedom, and flow.

Kudos to all those living authentically “whole” lives!

p.s. Here’s a link to my friend Sonee’s article on a similar topic:


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