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Who is Sensitive?

Who is sensitive?

And proud to be?

I know I am,

But it has taken me many years to see...

See that it is a strength,

A gift; a super power indeed...

Others continually criticize –

And then it is you, they eventually "need."

It is a paradox of course,

That up until now...

It has been those who criticize the sensitives –

These ones who are most "proud."

They are the ones,

Who use and manipulate your innate sensitive gifts –

Suck you dry....

And then comes the ultimate rift.

A big red flag –

For anyone who mocks...

The sensitive ones,

Are really the ones who are the strong ones; the "rocks"...

They are ironically the powerful ones,

The ones who are extremely strong;

It is those insensitive ones –

They are the ones who are "wrong."

Wrong in their judgements;

Their assessments of others-

They are the ones –

Who hurt and condemn their own sisters and brothers...

We are here to unite,

And be present in our hearts;

It is the sensitive souls,

Who know exactly where to start...

Compassion, sensitivity...

Courage, strength, and good cheer...

I am proud to be called "sensitive" –

To inspire others that we are indeed here...

Here to show –

Another way to be....

The world needs more of us

To unite and be free...

Free from judgments,

Insults and bad jokes...

This world will only get better –

As more and more sensitives are woke...

Wake up to your gifts,

Your talents and true innate power;

Sensitive souls rock!!!

And can not be devoured.

They are too precious and too pure –

To this evolving human race;

It would serve others well...

To make sure they embrace...

Someone who is sensitive,

And open and kind;

They are really and truly –

The only ones of their right mind.

Keep the faith and always stay true to your unique inner strength, innate gifts, and sensitivity .

Faith Smith

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