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Who Can Bear Pain

Who can bear pain?

I can't of course...

It is not very pleasant,

I definitely can report.

Is it necessary?

Or is it a waste?

That is up to you –

When pain smacks you upside the face.

Pain runs deep,

Through ever fiber of your being;

Seems like many great leaders,

Use their pain to motivate their leading.

I've never met a leader,

Who has not had some deep pain –

The perspectives that can be gained

Are powerful and leave stains.

Stains on one's heart,

Mind, body, and soul–

Pain can play indeed,

A very transformational role.

Transforming one's self;

One's life; and one's heart.

What other experiences have triggered,

Deep pain completes that transformational start.

Who can bear pain?

I can't of course...

it is not very pleasant,

I definitely can report.

Pleasant or not,

As wise ones would state –

Deep pain is inevitable,

If one is to master themselves and create.

Create a life –

That has wisdom and depth,

Integrating all the lessons,

And all the tears that have been wept.

For anyone who has been there,

Pulled through in the deep pain of life –

They are the true heroes,

The ones who have conquered the deepest and most powerful fight!

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith

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