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What is authenticity?

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

Back in November, I wrote a blog post about friendship, and what is a friend? I felt compelled to write another post about authenticity, and what it means to be authentic.

Authenticity is one of the most important traits in a person, and a person whose journey and life reflects this authenticity is what I feel needs to be esteemed the most in our society. Unfortunately, as mentioned in my previous post, words are just symbols of symbols. Like the word "love" – it really is an energy. For example. I know when someone loves me, they do not have to say it, and in contrast, sometimes those who say they "love" me, truly do not. As someone who can read energy, I always go with the feelings behind the words/symbols.

The word authenticity is just a word, but the energy of authenticity is always understood by empaths and intuitives. I know people who are authentic, and I know people who are inauthentic, and by the way – the inauthentic are all over – just step outside your front door. My focus, for this post, is on the authentic ones, since this is where my passion lies, in true authenticity!

Brene Brown, the "expert on authenticity" has said that the word "authenticity has become so overused that it has almost lost its meaning. It's an eye-roller.”

How sad, how our society "taints" these words, that are really supposed to be defined in their purity. This is one of the main reasons why I feel and believe wholeheartedly, that it will be the sensitive, intuitive, heart centered, and empathic individuals on this planet, that will shift things for the better, as they always go to their feelings and gut, no matter what the "facade." Someone who says they are "authentic" to an intuitive, if the actions of that person are not aligned, or in the authenticity flow, with the words/symbols they speak, then the conclusion is no, they are "inauthentic." The flow of authenticity is moment to moment, it is a daily routine, and most if not all who are authentic can attain and live this flow effortlessly, as this is who they truly are.

Authenticity does not mean "perfection" so let's get that straight.

As Brown says – “We are sick of the hustle and the bullshit and the fakery. We are tired of trying to live up to impossible ideals, and we're not longer willing to orphan important parts of ourselves to achieve success. Most of us will take messy and real, over pretending and people -pleasing every time."

Remember ....“You were born an original work of art. Stay original.” Suzy Kassem

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