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Wellness For Real, Part Two of Series

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

With Nancy Thielman – Spa, Fitness, Wellness Director at Koquina Sand Spa at Esplanade Golf and Country Club, Lakewood Ranch, Florida My second interview in my "Wellness for Real" series, is with Nancy Thielman, who is the Spa, Fitness, Wellness Director at Koquina Sand Spa at Esplanade Golf and County Club in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. It was such a joy to share ideas, perspectives, as well as practical tools, as we can all embrace fully "wellness for real" in our own lives. Hope you enjoy! Me: Do you have your own definition of "wellness" that you'd like to share? Nancy: Well, this is a tricky question. Wellness is not just going to the gym. That is just one aspect of wellness. Fitness; nutrition; self care; as well as the social aspect of wellness (which can be tough right now, since many are not doing the "social" things that they would "normally" be doing); and also the spiritual aspect – all go into my "definition" of wellness. My takeaway: Love chatting with those individuals especially, that understand that "wellness" is not just about exercise and nutrition. The other aspects of wellness are also key components in our overall wellness. #wellnessforreal Me: So, you touched on the "social" aspects of wellness. I think even though people are not doing what they would "normally" be doing to nurture this aspect; I do think this is a time, when many are not only creating, but maintaining, deeper connections that may end up being more "beneficial" to our overall health.I also think that many are looking at other "connections" they may have, and not "relating" as much on a deep level, and those relationships may not be as nurturing and fulfilling. Thoughts? Nancy: I think we now have more time to be even more introspective. Those who are using this time to become more self aware, are getting in touch with feelings and emotions they are experiencing, and may be more willing to talk about these feelings and emotions with others who are providing a safe space, and doing much of the same. Some of those people who I may just send a text to, I am now picking up the phone, and having a conversation with them. Skype and zoom also are great ways to connect. My takeaway: These are great points Nancy shares. The more we are using this time to become more introspective, self aware, be more in tune with our feelings and emotions, and take the time to communicate with others who are doing the same, the opportunity to connect on deeper levels is enhanced. #selfawareness #emotionalwellness Me: So this brings me to the question - how are you dealing with those who are focused on fear, anxiety, and worry. I am seeing that those who are experiencing some of these - are "dumping" or "projecting" onto others, which is really not fair. I call it "projectile" vomit on another person. LOL. Thoughts? Nancy: I have developed for myself a shield of protection, so I try not to absorb the negative. My takeaway: Developing tools that work, to deal with those who are in fear, anxiety, and worry is a great thing to have. Ultimately, we need to be aware of our own energy and thoughts. Keeping our own energy clear, balanced, and centered is where we find peace, calm, joy, gratitude, and authentic power. #gratitude #balancedenergy #clearenergy #authenticpower Me: With so many in the Spa/ Hospitality industry that are now at home, or spending more hours at home-what types of things are you implementing into your weekly routine, if anything? Any "spa-type"rituals that you do at home? Nancy: I am lucky enough to have the resources to do my own facials at home. I take time each week to practice "self care" – this includes facials, going on walks. as well as I meditate daily. This is my way of bringing the "Spa to Self." My takeaway: Great stuff! Bringing the "Spa to Self" is a great intention and practice! #spatoself #selfcare Me: Do you have some daily rituals? Nancy: Yes, I do a daily ritual after I shower in the morning with moon water. The moon water is infused with gem stones, some essential oils, and it is bathed in each full moon. I set an intention in the morning, whatever comes to me, and that is my intention for the day. My takeaway: So how cool is this! I am a huge believer in the power of thoughts, as well as intentions. Since I have studied astrology for many years, I am also fascinated with how Nancy makes her moon water that she uses daily. Talk about a daily ritual! The daily rituals we incorporate into our lives are crucial, I believe, as to how our day unfolds. Daily rituals are not a "one size fits all" approach, but we can share with others what works for us, and if it works for others terrific, and if not, then possibly they can come up with their own daily rituals that work well for them. I love Nancy's daily ritual, as it is not only creative, but energetically grounding. #dailyrituals #powerofthought #powerofintention Me: So tell me more about this moon water. Is this something you came up with yourself? Nancy: So, I now make this moon water myself. I used to buy it from Bodhi Basics in St Pete, Florida, but they do not always have this in stock, so I started making my own. This is where I got the idea. So each full moon, I place the gem stone that is associated with the planets for the moon and sun cycle during the full moon. I then use the essential oils that are associated with these astrological signs, and infuse into the water, and set it out in the full moon each month. My takeaway: What a fun, creative, and nurturing thing to do the day of each full moon! I am sure that Nancy's sharing of this, will inspire others to think about incorporating this, or incorporating other "rituals" that include those things that may resonate with one's own desire for daily, weekly, monthly rituals that can be embraced to create joy and intention. #dailyrituals #powerofintention #joy Me: So when your Spa is open, what types of workshops do you like to have, if any? Nancy: Our clientele is more on the "conservative" side, so we do have workshops on things such as the benefits of massage, etc...Most of the workshops that we have are vendor based; i.e. make up/ skin care. In the past we had a jewelry- malla making seminar, which was very popular. We will be adding more workshops on meditation and "Spa at Home." My takeaway: Workshops, as well as seminars, are always a great way to teach, share experiences, network with guests and the community. Joining with others can be extremely beneficial for all involved. #community Me: I have mentioned to you before, that you have such an amazing team there at Koquina Sand Spa . Right away, one can sense the amazing synergy of your team. It is a special energy, and it is clear everyone likes their job, and likes working there. As a leader, you definitely "walk your talk", so i do think that reflects on those around you. How do you keep your team so aligned, and genuinely happy to work there? Nancy: We do have regular staff meetings to go over what is working, and what is not, and share feedback. I find the daily, on the spot training, to be most effective I also have an open door policy, if team members want to chat about anything, they know where to find me. My takeaway: Nancy's leadership speaks for itself, just by observing and interacting with her team. Energy does not lie, and the energy and synergy of her team is evident. #wellnessatwork #workplacewellness #teamsynergy #Koquina Sand Spa Me: So, in wrapping up, let's talk about all your amazing experience within the Spa industry- working at Longboat Key Club, Safety Harbour; as well as your going to school for political science. What is it that you love about the Spa industry and how did you evolve into Spa from your pursuing a political science education? Nancy: So that I do not give you an answer that probably all people will give, I will just give you a "Nancy Story." I studied political science, as I wanted to be "political" and "save the world." At some point, I understood that for me, this was not the route to go, so I then went into fitness to help people. Helping individuals one at a time and empower them. This then broadened into wellness. I have been in the Fitness/ Spa industry 24 years, and before that just fitness. So, it has been an evolution for me, grasping total wellness. I understand that the best way to create common consciousness is one person at a time. My takeaway: I think people who are in "wellness" fields, tend to have a common core intention to help people and make the world better. I am a big proponent to the idea that "no one heals alone". We all "need" one another. Not in a "needy " way, but in a way that allows others to authentically be the best they can be, and reach their unique potential. Mastering oneself, and healing at the core, one can then be present for others who are doing the same on their journey into "wellness for real". Healing and wellness is a "process" and the more we are around others who embrace their own process and are authentic, the more we can shift our culture into a better "wellness" model. #wellness #healing #itsaprocess I want to thank Nancy so much for this interview. A true leader, and inspiration of someone who "walks her talk." If you'd like to learn more about Koquina Sand Spa at Esplanade Golf and Country Club, please check out: http://www.koquinasandspa.com

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