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Water Element: Incorporating the Ancient Principles of Feng Shui into Your Resort/Spa Retail

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Water is another one of the favorites to incorporate into your Resort/Spa retail space. Many are not aware that the optimal place to incorporate the water element is in the North area of your Resort/Spa Retail.

Fountains, both table top and floor fountains, are favorites among Resort and Spa retailers; and other favorites are fish tanks and aquariums. Pastels of rich blues – cobalt blue, navy blue, royal azure, sky blue, and midnight blue are super popular for the north section of your retail. Some retail locations that have the benefit of the outdoors within close proximity, may benefit with birdbaths and/or outdoor fountains. The supporting element of metal is wonderful to incorporate into this area as well. Metal floor or counter displays are usually preferred. It is best to avoid placing earth elements in this area, so please try to avoid, if possible.

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