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Takeaways & The New Show “Takeaways” – Part Two

Last year I did a blog series on Leadership. In the interview series, the question was asked, “What is the definition of a good leader?”

Some of the answers to this question were the following:

- “good leaders inspire one another;”

- “everyone gets to be a leader in their life, whether in a community, family, sports, etc.;”

- “leaders put others' first and lead by example;”

- “good leaders pull from others' strengths and ally their team to grow;”

- “good leaders treat people like they want to be treated, and hold others’ accountable;”

- “A good leader is someone who can look at their team and work with each individual’s strengths.”

The format of all my blog interviews are always fun and unique, and I end each section with a “My Takeaways” part. With my new series “My Takeaways & The New Show 'Takeaways,” I was excited to write about Kirk Cameron’s interview with Mike Huckabee. They both share so much wisdom, perspectives, and thoughts on the topics of faith and leadership (and more)! Hope you enjoy!

Kirk asks the important question to Mr. Huckabee as to what makes a good leader? He goes on to say that in today’s “climate” – politically, spiritually, economically, and culturally, we need good leaders and good leaders are tasked with making good decisions.





The question of spirituality and faith is a great topic to delve into further, especially with Mr Huckabee's diverse experience as a pastor, past Arkansas governor, popular communicator and bass player. Kirk goes on to ask Mr. Huckabee, how can a leader make decisions wisely and influence.

Mr. Huckabee shares the following:

#1. To lead by loving not by shoving. Love people and don't condemn people.

#2. Leaders don't ask others to do what they themselves are unwilling to do themselves.

#3. Know deep down that what you are putting forth comes from a true belief and a conviction.

#4. Leadership is like being a musician. Before one plays a song, one has to tune the instrument. The question one must ask, is what are you tuned to? In music, we play to a fixed standard, that is unchanging and rigid. The “c note” is always the “c note.”




Kirk and Mr. Huckabee go on to discuss the importance of looking for opportunities to link arms with others. They both share some great examples of how this can be done. One of the examples that Kirk gives, which was quite powerful I thought, was the fact that his pastor at his church welcomed all people, and many who came to attend were those who had a deep love of freedom. He specifically mentions surfers and skaters who were seeing their “streams of liberty drying up” and they wanted to move “upstream” to find the source of liberty. He goes on to state that liberty is God’s idea and not man's idea, and this is a great example of the common value of loving freedom, and wanting to learn more about where liberty comes from.




I love how Kirk makes the distinction between God’s ideas, and man’s ideas. They can be very different, just as “man's laws” can be very opposed to God’s laws. I do believe that great leaders know this, and understand the distinctions.

If you have time, check out the entire interview on TBN.




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