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Rising Stars - Rise Fast!

Featured Spotlight - Joseph Mezquita (Agua Caliente Casino, Rancho Mirage;

Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs)

This blog series has been an amazing platform to connect with others who are heart centered and offer unique perspectives to what they do within the hospitality industry. These individuals are also demonstrations of who they uniquely are, whether at work or outside of work. As we all know we bring our consciousness to all we do… so what one brings to work, is also what one brings to others outside of the work arena.

I started working with Joseph a couple years ago when he was in his third year in a Retail Spa position at Aqua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage. I knew within a couple of conversations with him, that he would be a rising star within the industry. Super spectacular in his awareness, perspectives, work ethic, as well as people skills- I was not surprised when he told me he moved on to the hotel side of retail at Agua Caliente & Spa Resort Casino.

As mentioned in some of my previous interviews, I want to shine a light on those who bring their unique perspectives to their work. They are not only a joy to work with, but they also have captured the attention of those they work with, as many of these individuals have excelled within the brands they work for. Not only that, but they are also appreciated and valued by their employers.

What is it about them as individuals? And what does it also say about the companies they work for that encourage and appreciate this kind of talent?

My interview with Joseph Mezquita is below…

Me: How long have you been in the Hospitality/Spa arena?

Joseph: I started with Agua Caliente Casino five years ago. I had no prior “experience” in hospitality and started as a pool attendant. That was my first year, and then I moved into a front desk position at the Spa. I then went on my third year to Retail at Spa. I am now at the Hotel side of retail- five total retail outlets.

My take away:

Anyone who possesses the gifts and talents Joseph demonstrates will rise fast, especially in hospitality. The hospitality industry is focused on “service,” and in times where service and heart centeredness can feel sometimes lost in this industry, there are those that gently remind us, that it is not lost totally. There are shining lights who I believe are here to reflect back to us that the connection with others, even if in one or two conversations, can be powerful and significant.

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#being a light at work

# workplace wholeness

Me: Now that you are working with five Retail Outlets, how are you able to stay so organized?

Joseph: I am really good at prioritizing. I know what I need to focus on and I know what needs to be done within a specified time. For example, the snacks and drinks ordering is always due by Friday, so I know when in my week I need to schedule this to be done. There are things that need to be done right away, and then there is stuff that I am working on that does not necessarily have a “due date.” I am also very good at paying attention to detail. Little things can make big differences.

My take away:

Being able to prioritize as well as paying attention to detail is important in any position. These skills and talents coupled with Joseph’s ability to connect with others, make for the perfect blend of an exceptional employee.

Me: So do you have a favorite part of your job?

Joseph: My favorite part is getting to know my reps and vendors. I love to learn about how companies start in a certain business, what the product features and benefits are, and I love meeting with my vendors.

Me: So do you have a least favorite part of your job?

Joseph: Not really.

My take away:

Joseph is definitely a people person and he is very easy to get along with. It is clear that he enjoys people and this reflects in his love of his job. Loving people is a gift, and being able to connect on deep levels is a quality that is in “high demand” these days. The ability to connect with another and hold space for another individual – whether at work with coworkers, with sale representatives and vendors, and/or outside of work with friends and loved ones; is one on the most important qualities any individual can embody. Joseph lives this embodiment. Not surprised he answered “not really” to the second part. I knew he is one of those individuals that finds joy in every aspect of his job/ position.

#workplace wholeness

# company culture

#innate people skills

Me: You do so much in your position- are you given much freedom and flexibility in your role or are you micro managed?

Joseph: I am in a great position where I do not really “manage” anyone, and I am not “managed”/“micro managed” by anyone. I am given a lot of freedom and trust to make the right decisions from the one who overseas me and my position. Some of my key responsibilities include managing products, keeping up to date with product knowledge, and merchandising. I also make sure I take the time to keep the team up to date with product knowledge.

My take away:

Many of us have so much on our plates and are pulled in so many directions, it is always refreshing to work with those who trust us to make good decisions, and do not feel the need to micro manage. Talented individuals are able to take the initiative and be creative in much of their approach to what they do – whatever the role. Being micro managed and feeling stifled at work, is not a good thing. Many companies take so much time micro managing talented individuals, where they would be better off just taking a few steps back, and giving these individuals freedom and trust. It is wonderful to hear that Joseph is in a environment that fosters trust and freedom and creativity among its employees. These types of environment foster a culture of growth, synergy, and connection, and ultimately a stronger team atmosphere.




Me: What do you enjoy outside of work? Hobbies, etc…?

Joseph: I make time for my relationships with friends and family. I like to de-stress on weekends, so spending time with those important to me is one of my priorities for things I enjoy outside work. I am also big on video games. Great way to de-stress. I also enjoy ceramics. I am also going to school for criminal law, and have one year left.

My take away:

Being able to make relationships a priority is significant. Whether Joseph is connecting with others at work, or outside of work…. Joseph is a connector, people person, and heart centered individual. His light heartedness and fun demeanor also add to his amazing personality; and his creativity and artistic side no doubt add to the mix of his uniqueness and wonderfulness in all that he does and continues to do.

Me: What two words sum up 2018 so far for you?

Joseph: “Unexpected positivity” – this whole year has been extremely positive with work, home, and school. I am meeting my goals at work and at school, and it has been “unexpected” how really positive everything is going.



My take away:

Joseph is a true demonstration of unique talents, innate gifts, as well as heart centeredness. He is one of those individuals who leads with his heart, and puts passion and love into all that he does. We are here to be happy and to be passionate about life. The appreciation and gratitude Joseph displays is something we can all learn from. We can all look at our lives, and know that our hearts, gifts, talents, and appreciation should lead every aspect of our lives. Leading from within – always shows itself on the outside. Joseph is a true example of this.


#innate gifts

#leading from within

#heart centeredness

I am very grateful that Joseph took the time to do this interview. It is my hope that those reading this interview can take away something that may resonate with them and their own journey, so they may go deeper into living their best, most authentic life!


#divine alignment

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