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One Day At A Time, Path Back to Joy

One day at a time,

Steady and slow;

Why all the hurry?

To live what you deeply know...

Each day we have time,

To show up as our best;

That is a full plate,

And then we need rest,

Rest, recharge,

end the day;

Proud of your actions,

as well as any time to play.

Be like a child,

Curious and aware;

Please pay attention,

Your joy can't be spared.

Once your joy,

Has gone astray;

You better pray a lot –

That is all I can say!

Joy is the foundation,

Of any life that is blessed;

if you have lost it,

Time to get some rest.

Think and ponder,

What is your next step?

One day at a time,

To get back the pep in your step.

Where your heart is,

There lies your treasure;

This is where joy is,

Abundant, full, to no measure.

One day at a time,

Be yourself; be aware;

The journey back to joy,

Is what should take most care...

The road in life can be bumpy,

Full of twists and turns;

if you are not living in joy,

You should probably spend time to learn...

Learn what is deep,

In your heart and soul;

No other person at all-

Can tell you where to go.

How do you feel?

Where is your focus?

Thoughts, actions, and intentions –

Can be your new "hocus pocus"

Life is pretty simple –

When you can tune into your heart;

One day at a time,

Is a great place to start.

Once your joy,

Has gone astray;

You better pray a lot –

That is all I can say!

One step at a time,

Reclaim that part;

That knows who you are,

Every minute can be a restart.

Stop listening to others,

Who think they know best;

This is really indeed –

One of life's big tests!

Others can be "know it alls" –

Overbearing and very unkind.

if someone tells you what's best for you,

Please pay them no mind.

How would they know?

Are they in your heart, and know what you are feeling?

What they are actually doing,

Is really indeed stealing!

Stealing from you,

What makes you, YOU!

Quite arrogant indeed,

For another to do.

One day at a time,

Get back to your core;

This is where your joy –

Is not only knocking , but pounding your front door!

Open yourself-

Back up to joy and flow;

One day at a time,

And its ok to go slow!

it is a process,

Getting back on your course and track;

Anyone that tells you otherwise,

Will only cause you to slip -n-back-track!

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith

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