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Now that it is 2020...

Now that it is 2020, many are" into" their New Year's "Resolutions" for a few weeks.

Thought I'd share a poem my Grandfather wrote many many years ago, as there is much truth in it. Hope you enjoy!

Why not treat every day like New Year's Day

And you'll find a better tomorrow

For today depends on what you did yesterday

For yesterday, today was tomorrow.

It's simply a state of mind, you see

If you'd only make the most of each day

The path to success will be well lit

And your efforts will find the right way.

Start the day with a positive thought

And think of good things to come

Make every effort to do right what's at hand

And success will be yours and then some.

For being successful is a matter of plan

You build today for tomorrow, you see

And if you like what you're doing intensely enough

You can't help but successful be,

So make every day a New Year's Day

And resolve to do better each day

Then you'll easily find the road to success

And the path will be clear all the way.

So here's to you and also to this year

May it be the year you've been waiting for

May your every hope and dreams come true

For you in full measure, and even a little more.

- My Grandpop Jack

Always keep the faith, love, and hope on your journey each and every day!

Faith Smith

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