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My Grandfather

My Grandfather was a poet. He was gifted in his use of language, as well as perspectives. I always wondered why not too many truly appreciated his gifts. I also wonder why no one took the time to share and/ or publish all of his poems. I have very few things, but what I do have are a few of my Grandfather's poems. I shared one of them in a previous blog post that was entitled: "Be The Best of Whatever You Are" (one of my favorites).




Below is another poem, entitled "My Daily Prayer."

My grandfather loved my grandmother dearly. She was sweet, kind, nurturing, caring, sensitive, radiantly beautiful, and she adored me! She also clearly adored my grandfather, and my grandfather clearly adored her!

"My Daily Prayer," written by my Grandfather:

I am just a simple guy

with a mission in my life

To spread a little bit of happiness

and on top of the list is my wife.

Please, dear God hear my plea

for I love to do your bidding,

Keep me around for as long as you can

and there will be a happy people, no kidding.

For I love to see people happy

and I love to see people gay

It's just a natural habit of mind

I can't live any other way

Most people don't take the time out

in their greed for a lot of gold

To find the true secret of living

and before they know it they're too old.

Life is just what you make it,

it's there at your beck and call

It's the way you want to direct it

it's the way you bounce the ball.

I know that my prayers will be answered

and I know I've got a mission to do

So if you please excuse me, Dear God,

I'll see what I can cook up for you.

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