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Music and Life - "Every Life Has a Soundtrack"

One of my favorite Brett Eldredge songs is "Wanna Be That Song" (link below), and one of the verses in his lyrics is "every life has a soundtrack."

I do believe this to be true!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I listen regularly to Ed Mylett and one of his interviews this month was with Brett Eldredge; so of course, I was super eager to listen. (link below)

Ed talks about life as an art form, and makes the point that all of us are artists. There is a creative process to life, "as we go deeper into who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe."

Brett shares a lot about pressures, flow state, and being a "recovering perfectionist." He shares about his structure and routines of putting on his "armor" in the morning, setting intentions, journaling, going on hikes, as well as limiting phone time. Not too many talk about the limiting of phone time, as it relates to their "routines," and I am a huge advocate for limiting phone time, as well as computer time. He goes on to emphasize the importance of getting out of one's head and into one's life, and just "being."









Some of the other topics Brett and Ed chat about:

• Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously

• The Importance of Connection

• The Importance of Reaching Out to Help and for Help

• Patterns That Are Installed in Childhood

• The Importance of Boundaries

• Being There for Yourself

• When Did You lose Your Sense of Wonder?

• Don't Pay Attention to the "Wrong" Things

Check out "Wanna Be That Song":

Brett Eldredge - Wanna Be That Song (Official Audio) - YouTube

Check out another favorite of mine, "Holy Water":

Brett Eldredge - Holy Water (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Check out Ed's full interview with Brett Eldredge:

BRETT ELDREDGE has IMPOSTOR syndrome? | How does a COUNTRY SUPER STAR work on his mental health? - YouTube









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