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Mercury Retrograde December 3rd-22nd

I love mercury retrogrades!! Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time to incorporate all the "re" words.

Re-do, Re-view, Re-charge, Re-flect, Re-prioritize, Re-negotiate, Re-search, Re-set.

We live in such a "busy" time, where everyone seems to be in a hurry to do anything, and even worse, most seem to be attached to computers, cell phones, social media, etc...

I think mercury retrogrades are a time when the universe wants us to stop and listen to what needs to change, and be "re-worked" in our lives. Slow down! Whether business or personal, sometimes the best course of action is no action or taking things one baby step at a time. And when do we get the opportunity to really go deeper and reflect? Mercury retrograde time! Use this retrograde time wisely, as we do not get another one until March.

This is a great time to journal, as often clarity comes from putting pen to paper – the free flow of writing, can hold many deeper insights.

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