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Life Can Be So Darn Lonely

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Life can be so darn lonely;

As most don't ever understand,

When someone is going thru struggles–

How cruel some are, oh man!

I have had good times,

And I have had bad;

When you are in the muck of life –

And you feel like you've been dealt a rotten hand...

What do you do?

Where do you go?

Most people can make things worse –

And cause way more pain and woe.

Quite confusing it indeed is,

As I thought we are all here –

To genuinely help one another...

Instead of causing more tears.

Opening up to another,

Is hard enough to do...

And then when it is done –

Only a few really are unconditionally true.

True blue friends,

Supportive and kind;

Gems and treasures,

Very very hard to find.

If someone is going thru,

A tough challenging time;

Do them a huge favor –

And walk away if you can't be kind!

No use "being there"

To make things for them worse;

That is not a true friend,

But instead a big curse.

Nurturing, compassion,

Kinds words can go a long way;

Criticism, Judging,

Are not esteemed qualities these days!

In this day and time,

Sensitive caring souls are quite rare;

They are immensely needed –

And being called to " dare"...

Dare to have empathy,

Dare to really feel,

Dare to be present,

For another person to genuinely heal.

Healing takes time,

A very personal process it is;

A real stamina one needs

And not a desire to please!

Pleasing others...

Is what will set one back;

Healing is forward momentum

And one needs to stay on a positive track.

Negativity and judgement,

Giving unrelenting advice is wrong-

From someone that has not walked your path,

is very uncalled for and not strong.

The strength goes to the one

Who can be present in another's pain;

Stand firm as a witness,

And love them as they stain.

Stains of hurts and tears,

And stains of sorrows;

Be present for one

Who is focused on a better tomorrow.

Tomorrows and a future,

Of healing, joy, and glory

Strength is non judgement,

Of another's both untold, and lived story!

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith

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