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Judging Faith

Why do you judge me?

Why do I care?

When someone is sensitive,

others can be hard to bear.

Criticism without love;

Judgment with no grounds;

If you have not walked in my shoes,

Are your judgments even sound?

For anyone like me,

Who gives life their best shot;

Ignore the critics,

For real "doers" they are not.

People with no passion,

Empty and bored;

Are usually are the ones,

Who have anger and bitterness stored.

For all the doers –

Who are sensitive, trying, and kind;

Please ignore those who judge,

And pay harsh criticism no mind.

Judging another's beliefs;

Judging another's path;

Is never for those wise ones

Who can sit back and just laugh.

Laugh at the critics,

The ones who judge others;

Learn to discern,

Who is really your tribe sisters and brothers.

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith

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