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It is more important to "be" rather then do," as from the being comes the doing.

I was raised at an early age, that is was more important to "do" and " achieve" than to be. As a young girl, I loved the arts- I played concert piano, wrote poetry, had perfect pitch, won art contests, grew amazing & beautiful plants, and loved to play outdoors in nature. "Trained" and "programmed" at an early age, away from my natural born gifts, I set on a path that was not aligned with who I was/am.Super sensitive, intuitive, empathic, as well as artistic, I saw my life and my journey in an expansive way, and not "confined" to the way others viewed life.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of pressure to live in my left brain, and become "rational," "logical," and see the word in a very "limited" way. I was also taught to not be in touch with my feelings and emotions. I got good grades, took honors classes, went on to college, and then law school. I became very good at "achieving,” but the more I "achieved" the farther I got away from my natural born gifts.

In law school the first year, I was in the top 5% of my class, and was asked to write for law review. I won moot court competitions, and really learned how to "excel" in this arena. It was with the "win" of my moot court competition, that I decided law was not for me. The case was a child molester case and I had to be the defense attorney, which at that point I wanted to quit. It was for a grade and to finish the first year, so I forced myself to "play" in this moot competition- as in my opinion the law is really a game of semantics- nothing based upon any truth . I ended up "winning" the case, but could not sleep for many nights. What if this was a real case? Even though I "won" – what if this "person" was on the streets, what if he possibly was doing this again? Needless to say, that was the "end " of law school for me. I decided I would spend my time experiencing life, getting back in touch with who the heck I am, and learning God's laws, instead of "man made laws" which are arbitrary and subjective at best.

I have done many things since my law school days, and have learned a lot about life, and most importantly myself. There are many women, as well as men, who are sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, and smart as heck!! We are living in an important time, where authenticity is the key to life. We all have a story, and who we are matters! We all need to go back to our core gifts and talents, and find ways to express them. This world desperately needs us, both women and men who have been "silenced" or made to feel that their gifts do not matter. We need to live boldly and be our true divine selves. Life is to be joyful, expansive, and wonderful. We can not experience any of these things, if we are not in alignment with who we are and living in our wholeness. There is huge price to pay, physically , energetically, spiritually, and artistically, trading in divine gifts and talents to "achieve" by someone else's standards of success.

With the new year fast approaching, may 2018 be the year for joy, wholeness, healing, and divine expression!

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