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Is Life "Fair"

Is life "fair,"

Most of us would guess not;

Many mean rich people –

Get "ahead" and don't stop....

They don't stop being abusive,

Self absorbed, and mean;

Over a few dollars –

They throw tantrums and scream.

What about other things?

Kindness, caring, and love?

The most loving heart centered people –

Seem to get passed by, or snubbed.

Why are the kind, and giving,

So darn confused?

Most of them continue being themselves,

And honestly quite "lose".

Maybe this whole life thing,

Is a paradox in itself?

Maybe one day,

This whole thing we call wealth...

Will bless the good hearted,

Sensitive, and meek;

And all those who try so hard –

Will gain everything they seek.

Joy, and happiness –

Shelter, clothes, and food;

Being around others,

Who add to their good spirit and mood.

Blessings come in unbelievable packages –

No doubt;

What is wrapped as "suffering" –

Can end up being the key to what life's about.

Is life "fair,"

Most of us would guess not;

Many mean rich people,

Get ahead and don't stop...

For all that have been broken –

Crushed to the core;

Keep moving forward,

As we never know what is in store.

The glory comes...

To those, in the ring of life;

Who are being themselves,

And persevering for what's right.

Maybe this life paradox,

Of those who really "win"...

Are the ones who can break,

And develop new skin.

This world is rough,

Whoever thinks not, is really fooled;

The ones who continue to be kind and compassionate,

Are the ones who are really schooled.

Schooled in the hard knocks of life –

So that their hearts remain open and pure;

Most in this world have already...

Shut their own heart and soul door.

So, is life "fair"?

Hopefully one day we can all say "yes,"

But for many people,

it is one big "guess"...

We would all like to journey,

And not have to "guess"-

But it seems like every day, hour, and minute,

There is another darn test.

For those like me –

Deep questions they ask;

Keep moving forward,

Stay on purpose and task.

Find your support,

In those you can trust.

Love and kindness,

Are indeed a must.

This journey we are all on,

Is quite the trip;

The tool box you carry along,

Will help you equip.

Guard your heart, your thoughts,

Emotions, and mind;

You never know when...

you'll bump into the ones that are unkind.

(could be today)

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith

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