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Infinite Love - An Entire Month of Spectacularly Sweet Valentines' Choices

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

#3 The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique

One of my favorite things to do, is to get a manicure and pedicure!

This upcoming month of February, at the Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique, guests can enjoy a "Sugar Bomb Manicure and Pedicure". This Signature Valentines' Special will nourish and hydrate, with an antioxidant rich cocoa mask for legs, feet and hands; while also rejuvenating mind and spirit with rose enhanced aromatherapy. A sure treat!

For those who enjoy facials, their "Chocolate Rose Healing Facial" will improve your skin's elasticity, with their chocolate mask, rose quartz facial massage, and infinite love flower essence serum. How luscious!!

Other Valentines' Month Specials include: their "Cocoa Immersion Blue Grotto"; their "Indulgent Pearl Nurturing Massage; and also their "Duet Pearl Couples Massage" (* please note this last offering is only available during Valentines' Day weekend)

For more information on the above- pricing/details, etc... please visit: https://www.thepearlspa.com/copy-of-home.

To book an appointment, please call 301.776.6948. Be sure to also ask about their Valentines' Weekend "Love Lounge" Exclusives:

• "Floral Retreat", which is a unique custom flower essence guest experience using elegantly crafted cards and blends by Lotus Wei.

• "Aromareading", a unique experience where guests can explore the possibilities of numerology, while creating a custom blend based on their life path number.

The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique is located at 8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 100 • Fulton, Maryland 20759.

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