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Incorporating Ancient Principles of Feng Shui into Your Resort/Spa Retail Space

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

For the next few weeks we will send along some tips to assist you in incorporating the 5 elements of earth, water, wood, metal and fire into your Resort Boutique/Spa retail. Below is some general information to better understand this art, as Feng Shui is indeed an art which has been around for over 3500 years.

Everything is energy! Ever walk into a room and feel uplifted and want to pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee? Conversely, ever walk into a similar looking room, and feel drained, stressed, or anxious and want to immediately leave? What is the difference?

In looking to ancient principles of Feng Shui, we want to optimize and create the right Qi( Chi) which is "energy" in our environments, and this would also apply to your Resort/ Spa retail space within the Resort.

You want your guests to feel welcome, and you want their experience with you to be positive. Whether on vacation or on a business trip, guests have limited time (many business/leisure travelers spending only one night at a hotel); so you want to maximize their time spent with you (and you also want them interested in many of the amazing products you offer). Let's remember, Resort Boutique and Spa Retail are given space within the Resort to capture profits and show consistent growth, while maintaining a positive, uplifting, nurturing atmosphere. Maximize the energy and space you are blessed with!

Happy New Year!

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