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What are idols?

Why the deep need?

To project some "godliness"...

On some of society's bad "seeds"


Be wary who you hold,

To a "pedestal" position and place;

I would bet a few dollars -

They are not full of grace.


Grace & God -

What fills our soul and heart...

Is the real love of God;

And that is really where one should start.


As the Bible says...

***"Thou shall have no other God before me" -

This is a deep truth -

And the longer one lives, one sees....


Most put others, 

Before God each day...

They do not even discern and  know,

It is with idols that they play.


Minutes, hours, days;

Maybe even years....

Can be spent worshipping idols -

And there should then be some deep fear.


Are they not aware?

Of what they really esteem?

Money, houses, cars...

Celebrities who are really quite mean....


Opinions of others;

Family and friends...

Anything you place before God -

You really need to amend.


Sit with yourself...

And review your days...

Are you worshipping idols?

With your answer you may be quite amazed.


**"No one can serve two masters";

As it is said, in Matthew chapter 6 verse 24 -

This will only lead -

To a deep internal and spiritual war.


Always Keep the Faith! 

Faith Smith

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