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Hyatt's Expanding Brand Has A Definite Winner on their Team

Featured Spotlight- Philippe Brenot (Senior Director - Retail Procurement/Miraval Group)

I have been working with Philippe for a number of years, selling him a variety of product categories, and his professional demeanor as well as amazing personality has always intrigued me. He has always stood out to me, as an exceptional individual, and he was nice enough to take the time from his busy schedule to chat with me for this interview, and I am very grateful:

(As mentioned in my previous post, I want to use my blog to feature those "stand out" individuals within the industry who are spectacular, in my opinion, for their ability to remain present, while being heart centered, service oriented, as well as a pleasure to work with! What is it about them as individuals? And what does it also say about the companies they work for that encourage and appreciate this kind of talent?).

Me: How long have you been working for Hyatt?

Philippe: For 26 years. I started as the Director of Purchasing, purchasing items such as food, beverages, printed supplies, consumables, equipment, etc... and then when the Market at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa opened, things organically expanded from there, and now I oversea all retail procurement.

My take away:

When an employee stays with a brand for this long, and organically grows into further positions where responsibilities and expectations continue to expand, this to me speaks volumes as to the kind of person Philippe is, in terms of his ability to grow and expand as well. His openness to take on new challenges, as well as the fluidity in his approach to working at a brand such as Hyatt is evident. This also speaks volumes about the Hyatt brand. Recognizing talent, promoting from within, as well as creating new opportunities for growth, are vital to a successful brand, especially ones that are both "current" and "leading edge.”


#growth and expansion at work

#brand building

Me: What is your favorite part of your job?

Philippe: I love to travel. I love trade shows and discovering new products. I love seeing vendors and reps.

# Building & embracing connections

My take away:

When someone loves their job - it is clear. There is an energy which is obvious when speaking with someone who truly loves what they do, and Philippe no doubt loves what he does!

#energy of being heart centered

#loving your work

Me: What two words best describe 2018 for you?

Philippe: Challenge and Team. With the purchase of Miraval approximately one and a half years ago, there is now a team of 11 that is working to expand the brand, and keep the essence of what makes Miraval so special.

My take away:

All team players mention the value of the team. They also mention how powerful it is to work together with complementary talents; each specializing in their chosen expertise. I truly believe that when the foundation of a team is solid, and the end visions are where they are all headed, when each individual works hard in their specific area of talents, gifts, and expertise - a beautiful tapestry of business is woven. A beautiful tapestry of connection is also woven.

#all about the team # better together

#true leadership

Me: Do you consider yourself an "introvert" or "extrovert"?

Philippe: Extrovert. Extrovert in the sense, I have no problem talking to people, but I also love to be alone.

My take away:

This to me, is a super powerful blend of being able to connect with others, as well as connect with ones self. The amount of self awareness Philippe has, is impressive!

#self awareness

Me: How do you stay so grounded in your role as Senior Director Retail Procurement?

Philippe: I am extremely organized, and I am very good at follow up and follow thru.

My take away:

To be effective - being organized is key, especially when there is so much to do in a day. Being good at follow up and follow thru is a talent that is worth mastering for any position, at any level.

#the art of follow thru

#the art of follow up

Me: What are your hobbies away from work, if any?

Philippe: I work out at spin classes, and I also teach spin. Even when I travel, I try my best to work out to keep with the routine I have at home. I enjoy reading as well as watching tv and movies. I also have a very tight circle of friends that expands to different degrees.

My take away: This was one of my favorite questions, as well as responses, of this interview. It is rare, especially these days, to find someone who excels in one's job at this level, as well as understands the vital importance of other areas in one's life. I think we all know how significant it is to have time for ourselves; to do the things we enjoy; to make time for the closeness. richness, and treasures that close friends offer; as well as carve out time to work out and exercise - these are the keys to an abundantly lived life! Philippe is an amazing example for us all. He also displays a genuine level of grace and gratefulness which is powerful. I am extremely grateful that he took the time to do this interview.

#extreme gratitude


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