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How I Re-Learned to Take a Day OFF

At the end of October I was having a conversation with my good friend Sonee from Petal Life (, and we were discussing the word "wellness" and what it actually means to be "well.” Both of us have an extensive background in the Resort/Spa arena, and we are both of the opinion that true authentic "wellness" is not practiced or demonstrated by too many. Wellness is a lifestyle. We all know about the "pie" chart of slices of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial – but that is really only a kind of left brained spreadsheet definition, and wellness can not be defined precisely in these terms, as it is also energetic in nature – felt, experienced, and demonstrated.

During our conversation, I mentioned a time when I was taking Wednesdays off and I called them my "Wellness Wednesdays.” I would leave early on Wednesday morning, pack up some lunch, and go off to spend the day in nature, usually at the beach. I did not bring my cell phone, and I did not bring anything work related with me. This was a time in my life when I had the whole physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial pie chart down! I mean I had the most beautiful pie that I created and this was probably the happiest time in my life thus far, where I felt most full and most whole.

It was at this moment, that I decided I am going to regularly start doing this again – Wellness Wednesdays. Sonee said she was in too, and she was going to take off Sundays. We decided to take our one day off each week, for 4 weeks, and reconnect in a month to discuss, and possibly write about our "findings.” I had remembered a great video by Devon Franklin on his "7 Day Restart" so I watched it again, and Sonee watched it as well (and we both took notes!!).

Yes, notes. Unfortunately the society we live in, in general, is really not "well" and we need to now "study" how to take care of ourselves. Dr. Oz even calls it a "revolutionary idea." The few "simple" things Devon suggests, seem to be monumental for most. He suggests the following for one's day off:

1. No work

2. No shopping/errands

3. No cleaning/chores

4. No social media

(You can view the entire segment at:

My Experience:

My experience in "re-learning" to take a day off was a bit "surprising" to me. It was clear to me, that years ago, when I took Wednesdays off, I was way happier, more centered, and more in my joy. I am very empathic, intuitive, and heart centered – so I was also reflecting upon the emotions that used to accompanying this day. Our society should not be that different now, than 12 or so years ago, but is it?

I had an easy time with the no errands, and no chores – as I did well preparing for my day. The social media was easy as well, as I am not too big on social media. The phone I thought would be a piece of cake.... as I can not stand the phone vibrating with calls and texts all day long.... ugh!! The hardest part for me though, were the emails, and thinking about work. On the first Wednesday I had to check my email on some things that were "time sensitive" and they did not come thru to be finalized on Tuesday. I know it probably could have waited till Thursday, but I sneaked onto my email and told myself it would be for 5 minutes only, and not more. Well, five minutes turned into 1 hour, and I was pissed. I saw all my emotions flood up in frustration, and sadness as I was saying to myself – "one day off..... and I can not even stick with it." Ok then, I decided to be gentle with myself, as there was always next week. So then, I made matters worse and checked my phone messages, and again, I said I would only check for a few minutes to make sure nothing was "urgent." All the text messages I had – are you kidding me? I was then sent into another tizzy. It was like I was looking at these texts from my higher Self, and she was saying – look at what you have created! You are not an emergency room doctor.... get it together Faith! Something needs to change. And change it did. I decided that even if most in our society now want to be on call 24/7, I do not. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life, and I have always enjoyed the "freedom" that comes with it.... these days, we are only creating handcuffs for ourselves in owning a business, and I do not want to be part of that culture, in that regard. Thankfully we have people like Devon who speak openly about the importance of taking time off and he demonstrates it, as he walks his talk. If he can do this in his industry and be such a light and example of true and authentic wellness, than anyone should be able to do this, whatever the industry.

So back to the my thoughts and reflections on my "Reintegration of 'Wellness Wednesdays.'" Moving forward, I am clear that our culture, in general, is not "well." Based upon the comments from some about my day off each week, I see how others expect me to be like a work robot. I am a person with feelings and emotions, and I get tired. I like my time alone, and like to relax and recharge. I really do not like all the constant contact some people want and seem to expect. I am grateful for those special individuals who I work with, and good friends like Sonee, who can reflect back to me who I really am, and remind me of my courage to live my truth, in a time where wellness and authentic living are seriously needed!

People who love themselves, take time to recharge, reflect, and develop hobbies and habits that nurture them. I applaud anyone who loves themself enough to take at least one day off each week. Starting 2018 I am going to go for 2 days off. Wish me luck!!

Check out Sonee's blog on her amazing experience and insights:

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