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Hospitality Hero

Veronica Martinez

My fourth spin off interview of my "Hospitality Heroes" piece,is with Veronica Martinez who is Hotel Bel-Air Boutique Clerk, in Beverly Hills, California.

Veronica is one of the most genuine, authentic, open hearted, kind, and gracious individuals. She clearly loves what she does, and is a true example of someone who displays an impressive level of service, warmth, positivity, and professionalism.

Hope you enjoy, and possibly get a tidbit (or more) of wisdom, to help you move forward on your journey in a "people" industry.

Me: So what is the one lesson that you learned this past year, working in your role within the hospitality arena? If you had to pick one?

Veronica: Patience. Also, adjusting to change, while staying positive. People can go pretty far down if they think negatively. We need to do the best we can to stay positive. Whether it is clients, vendors, employees; everyone is going through something, and we really do not know what people are going through. Even interacting with guests. Guests may be dealing with personal things and challenges, and we may not know. I had a guest share some personal things with me just yesterday. It is important to be kind to others.

My takeaway:

Veronica is the type of person who understands on a deep level, that others, even possibly guests, are going through things, and being kind, present, as well as compassionate goes a long way, and does make an impression. I am not surprised that others share things with her, as people usually only share and are open with those they feel safe to share with. Veronica has such an open heart and good attitude; she is a joy to interact with.









Me: Now that people are indeed traveling, how are you moving forward so gracefully? How do you stay so grounded each day?

Veronica: I surround myself with positivity and positive people. I have a great group of friends, family, I have a few good friends at work, and I have daily reminders that 'today is a good day'. There is not a day that goes by, that I do not get a text, or a phone call to start my day off right.

My takeaway:

Having a good support system with great people is invaluable.





Me: You are one of the few boutique buyers in the industry who do buy some things that are made in the USA. With so many scrambling for products, in a rush for inventory, you understand clearly that some guests do prefer products made in the USA; and you also understand that timelines for production with USA made can be quicker. Though a bit more expensive, it is worth the cost for those in the industry such as yourself. This is quite refreshing, and I hope this trend continues with others.

Veronica: Yes, some of our guests do pay attention to where products are made. And yes, USA made for some of our guests is a great thing.

My takeaway:

More and more Resorts and Boutique Hotels are reviewing their options on their supply chains, as well as making better choices for getting products and inventory. Not only is Veronica a joy to work with, but she also knows products and knows her guests. She has an exquisite eye for detail and knows design. All the products Veronica buys from me, I would surely purchase for myself.




Me: You clearly are a person who loves what they do.

Veronica: Yes, I love what I do. I enjoy our guests and my job allows me room for my creativity. We are all doing our best and I am grateful.

My takeaway:

People who love their job, deal better and persevere stronger, for the most part, when love is at the center. In my opinion, when love is the energy, and when love is the foundation of anything, challenges are met, faced, and conquered.

Veronica also mentions creativity. She is very fortunate to have the room to be creative within her role at Hotel Bel-Air. I have noticed that those who are creative, and have the ability to think outside the box, thrive in environments that allow for creative expression. There is a great documentary on Netflix, "The Creative Brain," and I highly recommend it. It talks about how "human creativity adds the color to our world. It's our crowning glory as a species. It is also deeply personal". There is so much depth and wisdom in this documentary, and I do believe if schools, communities, and workplaces would embrace, appreciate, nurture, and encourage others to pursue their individual creative genius, our world would be a much better place.








I want to thank Veronica so much for this interview. With so much going on in the hospitality arena, I especially value the time spent discussing some of the current day topics, perspectives, and the sharing of ideas with those in the industry. On many levels, we can all collaborate and work together, so that all of our roles in whatever we love to do, can integrate deeper, and we can be more fully present in our work. Veronica is a wonderful example of love, grace, presence, and professionalism; and I hope one or many more who read this interview, may resonate with some of the perspectives shared.








For more information on Hotel Bel-Air, please visit:





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