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"Hope Still Wins"

In my last blog post, I mentioned one of my favorite podcasts - "Hope Still Wins" with Ben Higgins.

I recently finished listening to his podcast episode with Shauna Niequist, and the relatability of this interview, is obvious on so many levels. Many are going though different seasons, and I am of the belief that we need to embrace whatever season we are in, as well as the lessons.






Some great insights to take away from this podcast:

•Some endings we do not "choose"

•Tricky and painful changes - many do experience

•Trust God's goodness

•Know how to determine: what to keep, let go of, transform along the way

•Let go or be dragged

•If we are honest with ourselves, sometimes things have already ended

•Loyalty is good, but taken to its furthest degree or without wisdom applied, may not be so good

•There is gratitude, especially when one is given a second chance of living a new way

•Building and rebuilding faith shows devotion and bravery






To check out this podcast episode visit:

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