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Happy New Moon Scorpio!

Many are going thru a deep rebirth/transformational time, with regards to how we deal with deep emotions, and things we may have suppressed.

We live in a society where the sensitive, emphatic, intuitive, and heart centered are "blasted" on some level by those who are logical, critical thinkers, and head centered. Not knowing what to do with the emotions of being criticized and judged so harshly for being who we are, many of us suppress emotions, or shut down parts of ourselves just to cope with other people. It is usually a physical illness which manifests in the body, that can be a wake up call that things are not right energetically. Or, it can be getting so fed up with not being free here, to be who we came here to be, that calls out even louder.

Things are coming up for many, whether in waking hours, or thru dreams. Feelings and emotions that are suppressed for too long – that energy needs to go somewhere, and if not managed in a healthy way out of the body, it will be trapped in the body. Many were trained/"programmed" at an early age that it is not ok to express feelings or emotions that are not all positive – hence a denial of all the other rich emotions. All emotions should be embraced and felt, and for those who feel everything so deeply, this is a secret key to unlock most of life's insights. There is more information downloaded from "feeling" than in "thinking.”

Looking at my life thus far, it is very unfortunate that I went down some paths that made the "most sense," but were not true for me and my heart. I embrace these lessons, and this new moon for me, will celebrate the reinvention of my heart centered journey, as it already is transforming in many magical ways.

For those going thru something similar – be gentle with yourself. If you are purging a lot, and revealing deeper levels of Self (capital "S")... information is power, and superpowers lie within those who can face and reflect upon their deepest truths. These are important times, and I think the rise of the sensitive and heart centered will indeed change this planet.

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