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Good Leadership, Part Six of Series

Artists are Leaders

Cheyenne Chavez

In my last interview, I mentioned that I would be posting about Cheyenne Chavez's art. She is such an amazing person, and definitely wise beyond her years. I love chatting with artists!! They are all inspiring, and all artists are leaders, in my opinion.

All artists are leaders, because artists have their own perspectives and views, and are self contained in their energy and flow. They do not need others to tell them what to think or what perspectives to have. Artists are truly creative and live from their core. If they do not, they fall out of what is truly authentic and meaningful for them! Artists understand on a deep level, what it is to be unique and to be creative; and our society, in general, is really not that attuned with the artist's journey.

Cheyenne and I chatted briefly about the book "The War of Art", by Steven Pressfield. For anyone who has not read his book, or listened to "The War of Art " Mini Course Series, it is a must for anyone who is an artist, poet, writer. ( He speaks to the fact that "anyone who is not an artist, thinks it is ethereal, anyone who is an artist knows it is a war." Cheyenne and I laughed a bit about this, as it is true, true, true!!

Cheyenne and I also chatted a bit about a quote I read from Marianne Williamson: "What we're going through socially, politically, and economically is so huge that only artists and poets can adequately convey it. The news media can report the news but for the most part now seems incapable of deciphering its meaning." Cheyenne and I know on a deep level what Marianne Williamson was saying, and it is indeed very insightful, as well as motivating for many artists and poets to be living and sharing their gifts, now more than ever!






Following is my interview with Cheyenne, gifted artist and leader. Hope you enjoy her art, as well as this interview.

Me: So, let's chat about the amazing art you did for The Saguaro Palm Springs. Paul is such an amazing person, and a true inspiration to any GM, for any company. He understands art, and he understands how creativity and beauty are values just as important as any other values. I believe all artists are leaders. What is your definition of a good leader?

Cheyenne: Good leaders inspire one another. And yes, Paul is an amazing person, and it is very rare for someone in the 'corporate' world, to want to add some art to their surroundings, just for the upliftment and beauty of it. I have a good friend that works at the Saguaro, and Paul talked to her about it. I then spoke with him, and he showed me around. For the corridor, I wanted to do something bright, and I also wanted to do something 3D. I have a very near and dear friend who lives in Hawaii, and she sent me a postcard that said 'the sun will keep shining'. I wanted to incorporate this idea as well, that the sun will keep shining no matter where we are at. Dark times/ happy times. The art I did, reflects this.

My takeaway:

All the art Cheyenne did at the Saguaro is amazing! The piece she is talking about is stellar! This is how art can convey deeper meanings, wisdom, and significance. An artist like Cheyenne, who is so wise, grounded, as well as gifted; can convey deep ideas and reflections through her art, for multitudes to appreciate.





Me: How did you do the 3D one? As that one, is quite intriguing, and special! Your techniques and the way you use light is truly impressive.

Cheyenne: I really focused on the effect of the outline, and filled in with the brickwork. I made a dark background, and it worked really well.

My takeaway:

The addition of this, to the other murals in the corridor, is so complementary and just fits perfectly with the entire vibe! Obviously,a lot of heart and passion went into all of the art.



Me: Do you think most artists are introverts?

Cheyenne: Yes, artists do need a lot of time alone. I do not go out that much. My fiancee is the opposite of me and much more outgoing, and when we do go out, I am more observing, and more in the corner/background. Artists are definitely a different breed of people. I don't allow a lot of people to take my time. I choose who I want to give my energy to. I appreciate my alone time, to recharge.

My takeaway:

Artists are generally introverts. They enjoy the "being" of life, and really get their best ideas, creative insights, when they are alone. Or when they are in nature. Some get their best ideas, while driving, or in the shower. An artist's life and journey is really tied to one's own soul, and artists understand this – they can see another's soul in one's art.




Me: You mention that fact that artists are a different "breed." Do you think that is why only artists can truly recognize, respect and admire another artist, and the true artist journey?

Cheyenne: We live in a world where people don't inspire each other, they just want to be on top of each other, like it is a race to the finish line. It is a very ugly feeling every day, and It is very superficial. Artists live in a realm that is more down to earth, open, and spirited. Probably why most artists are introverted, and they learn to not take things too personal. I do not take things personal, and I have developed thick skin.

My takeaway:

From my own experience, the way many talk about artists, and treat artists, it is quite appalling. It can be quite abusive, and can be soul crushing. Thankfully, artists recognize other artists, so there is a very deep and profound respect and appreciation there. As Cheyenne says, eventually artists do have to develop thick skin, just to be able to be themselves in a world that wants them to be someone else.




Me: So any current/ future projects you are excited about sharing?

Cheyenne: Well, within the next two years, I hope to open my own art studio. I also want to learn more about welding and glass blowing. I am doing another mural at the Palm Desert Mall, which I am excited about, which will be a statuesque girl with cracks in her, and light will break through her. In February there is an art show, sponsored by Flat Back Art Supply Co, and I will have two paintings there.

My takeaway:

Very excited for Cheyenne, for all that she has planned. Someone like Cheyenne, who is always growing, evolving, learning; is someone many can learn from. When she was telling me about the statuesque girl with the cracks, where light will come through, it reminded me of the Japanese art form, "kintsugi" in which breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object's history. Broken ceramics/ pottery are mended by artists, with a lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The repairs are totally visual, and become part of the history, and make the piece even more beautiful, and even more worth displaying. From my own experience, the more "broken" a person, the more opportunity there is for light to shine. Some of the most beautiful people I know, have been the most "broken", and have been able to journey through the darkness to the light. They shine, and are uniquely radiant. I am sure Cheyenne's statuesque girl will be amazing, and a gift to all who will be able to see it.

My final takeaway:

I want to thank Cheyenne so much for this interview, as well as sharing her art that she did for Saguaro Palm Springs. As anyone who is reading this can see, Cheyenne is truly inspiring, as well as gifted and filled with deep wisdom. To check out more about Cheyenne and what she is up to, check out her Instagram :

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