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Getting Real and Raw with Sonee Singh

Featured Spotlight - Sonee Singh (Founder, Petal Life)

This interview was a special treat for me, as Sonee has become a very treasured friend of mine. We met at an ISPA show a while back and our paths crossed again a couple years ago, and our friendship continues to blossom.

Shining a spotlight on those who are raw, real, and heart centered, while being present in their work, is something I feel is important, now more than ever. Those who demonstrate who they are in their actions, words, and deeds are not only refreshing to engage with, but are also extremely valued as they represent an example of true authenticity. It is nice to speak with those who hold the energy of centeredness, love, and presence, in their chosen fields.

Our work is supposed to be a place where we can be ourselves, and be appreciated for our unique perspectives and talents we offer. Whatever the “job” or “profession,” we can all be healers for one another by being truly present and centered in love and acceptance. It is my hope that we can all learn and grow by engaging in meaningful conversations such as these that can benefit the whole.

My interview with Sonee is below...

Me: How long have you been in the Hospitality/Spa arena?

Sonee: 15/16 years.

My take away:

I have noticed that many who work in the Hospitality/Spa arena, generally stay within the industry. Though their “roles” may change, the love and loyalty to the industry remains. Some may even leave for a bit, but most usually return even more refreshed and reinvigorated, and ultimately bring an even deeper and more integrated approach to what they do.




#being integrated at work

Me: What was your first job in hospitality?

Sonee: I began in room reservations at the Pierre hotel (a hotel managed by Four Seasons). I liked the environment, liked the hotel, and liked working with the people there. It was always good connecting with people, even if on the phone. From there, I went to Four Seasons DC, and then MOHG (Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, working in Hong Kong as well as San Francisco). I then went on to work for Red Door.

My take away:

Sonee’s love of people and innate gift of connecting with others, are at the core of all of her “positions.” I speak with so many individuals who work at Resorts and Spas, many of which are answering the phones. I can always tell within the first two minutes of a call, if someone likes their job, and if they are connecting on the phone with me. Many answer the phone and are super quick to pass the call off to someone else, or are not able to answer a question and do not take the time to ask someone... so for me, someone who excels in reservations, and understands connection and service, is a talent that really should be valued by any organization, as it really can not be “taught.” There are other things one can be “trained” in, but not the ability to connect with another. Not surprising to me that Sonee went on to excel at other positions with other amazing brands, and continues to excel in all she does.

#actions speak louder than words



Me: So let’s talk about your background/training/education. I know you went to Cornell, which is such an amazing school. You got your degree in Hospitality Management?

Sonee: I actually have an MMH – which is a Masters of Management in Hospitality. I wanted more education, knowing I wanted to move forward in hospitality.

My take away:

Sonee has an undergraduate degree from Cornell, and also attended graduate school at Cornell. While in graduate school, one of the professors who was teaching a wellness and spa class looked to Sonee to do some research. Since she had enrolled in the pre-med program at Cornell, her academic background laid a wonderful foundation for this perfect fit!




Me: Let’s chat a bit about what you are doing now – your amazing Petal Life. When did you start Petal Life?

Sonee: The business was started in 2016. Interestingly, Petal Life began as part of my thesis project for my CAM degree. I wanted to share information on health and wellness. I wanted it to be about lifestyle, supplements, aromatherapy – resources for one’s own healing journey. The blog began in 2015. I sent out weekly newsletters sharing information on a range of topics to assist people to get more knowledge to improve their own individual health.

My take away:

Petal Life is the perfect platform for Sonee to display her talents and gifts, as well as weave all of her knowledge and education to make for an amazing company. Aside from her education at Cornell, she also holds a Masters of Science from the American College of Heath Care Sciences, and is a Registered Aromatherapist. Her approach to wellness and wholeness is based on the fact that we are all individuals, and wellness and wholeness is not a “one size fits all.” While there may be some common themes to the wellness categories, the individualized approach has always been one that has been of interest to me. We are all unique individuals, with unique blueprints. Being able to interact and work with someone like Sonee is refreshing, as it is her ability to understand the uniqueness of others, while holding sacred space for this uniqueness, which makes her an amazing healer in the wellness space.




#divine blueprint

Me: What is your favorite thing about Petal Life?

Sonee: I enjoy seeing people resonate and respond positively with my products or something I've written.

My take away:

This is one of the common themes of any great company. Truly loving what one does, as well as sharing unique gifts and talents on the platform of business, is the foundation of any great company. Resonating with others, and giving back is usually a natural by-product and progression of this business “structure.”

Me: Do you have any daily rituals?

Sonee: First thing in the morning, I have my “tea ritual.” I make my tea “Indian tea style.” It is a 15 to 20 minute process, and it is like a spicy/chai tea. I like to start the day off with something nourishing for me, and I am present and do this in silence. While I am making my tea, I set my intention for the day. I also take this time to write two pages free flow writing, and read while drinking my tea. I do this seven days a week. If I am traveling, I may not do it in the morning, but I do not skip the free flow writing, reading, or meditation.

My take away:

The importance of positive daily rituals seems to be highly significant, especially in the times we are in. Connecting with one's core and setting intentions for the day is imperative if we are to stay consistent and authentic to who we are and why we are here. There are so many distractions and so much “busy-ness” during the day, that for one to be able to truly be present and connect with one's self, as well as others, daily rituals seem to work and are effective. Also, having a daily “spiritual practice” is significant. It does not really matter the “form” it takes – what matters is that we each create ones that work for ourselves and ones that we can be consistent with.

#daily rituals

#free flow writing

#spiritual practice.

Me: What are some of your other passions and interests?

Sonee: I love writing, as well as baking. Possibly in another life I was a pastry chef.

My take away:

The ability to express oneself and touch others, whether writing or speaking, is a gift as well as an art. Sonee is definitely creative, heart centered, and present in all she does. If ever she decided to be a pastry chef in this life, I am sure she would bring her same consciousness to that “profession” as she does to everything!



Me: This brings me to asking you about your ability to stay present. We chat about this a lot. Aside from your daily rituals, any other insights as to how you are able to stay so present and connect?

Sonee: I think that with the “scarcity” of time, with always so much to “do” – it is important to just “be.” It is not a waste of time to just be in the moment and present, especially with another. The current climate in our society is that there are so many “demands” on our time, not too many stop to focus on self and each other. It is important to take time to connect internally and externally.

My take away:

The ability to connect with self and the ability to connect with another go together. Those who are most connected to their true divine self, are better able to connect with another. It is my belief that we are all here to connect deeply with self and others, though there are many levels of “connecting.” Sonee is one of those who can connect on very deep levels, and I appreciate and am honored to know her. Our friendship has certainly grown in both its expansiveness and its depth. Very refreshing to have a friendship like this as well as be able to share within our work. Definitely workplace wellness and wholeness at its finest!


#workplace wholeness

#workplace wellness

Me: What are the two words that sum up 2018 so far for you?

Sonee: Insightful and Purposeful. In connecting with myself, it has given me deeper insight and purpose. I have deeper clarity as to who I am as a person and where I want to go.

My take away:

Taking this time and interviewing someone who I am blessed to call my friend was very special for me. Even with those we already are connected with, it is always great to connect on a deeper level. As much as I already knew about Sonee, I learned a few more things about her during this time; and it is my hope that those reading this interview can take away something that may resonate with them and their own journey.


#divine alignment



I loved this interview and time spent chatting with Sonee. I am so grateful she took the time to chat with me. Sharing time and deep connection with another is so valued and appreciated, especially within one's work.


For more information on Sonee & Petal Life, visit:


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