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Full Well-ness

I speak with so many women each week who are hurting, struggling, and dealing with so much.

In the Resort / Hotel "wellness" arena, there are not too many who read the Bible, or search and seek for God. They are looking for answers elsewhere. For those that do read the Bible, many have their favorite Bible verses; as well as favorite men and women of the Bible. The Samaritan woman is by far one of my favorite women in the Bible. Last year I wrote a blog post titled "Woman at the Well" and below is a link to a great scene from "The Chosen." portraying this beautiful woman.





Jesus loves women! (especially outcasts). Clearly, the Samaritan woman was not rejected by Jesus nor does he condemn her for anything. In fact, Jesus went to Samaria just to meet this wonderful woman.

:"Worship in Spirit and Truth! Heart and Mind"






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