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Faith, Character, Liberty Man

My dear father fought for my name Faith, and I am extremely blessed to have been given such a sacred name at birth. My father's name was Victor, and he was indeed a "victor" in many ways. 

What is the meaning of Faith? It is faith in God, that leads to wisdom.  

A powerful explanation of how "Liberty is Built" is below. Faith is at the top and she points her finger to heaven where God is.






"The Pilgrims Formula to Save America" - Kirk Cameron in Monumental


My Takeaway:

FAITH - Faith in God leads to wisdom 



MORALITY- The standard for the beginning of all freedom;  internal character and transformation of the heart. 







LAW - Principles of God's laws into civil laws


JUSTICE - The scales of justice and equality under the law



MERCY - There is mercy and grace along with laws


EDUCATION - The law and the word of God;  parents’ responsibility to educate and teach their children. Training youth in the way they should go




WISDOM - Older generations to teach younger generations how the world works from a Biblical perspective.



LIBERTY MAN - Obey the matrix of liberty , and there are fruits in obeying. God’s ways = long term blessings.





Check out this miniature Forefathers Monument (as seen in the movie "Monumental"):


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