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Exceptional Retail Store Manager/Buyer

Updated: May 30, 2018

Featured Spotlight - Tobie Palmer (Retail Store Manager/Buyer at Glenwood Hot Springs)

This will be my third interview for my blog, and I must say, this interview series has been one of the most fascinating experiences for me. Speaking with those in the Resort/Boutique Hotel/Hospitality industry, as to how they approach their work; and how they are able to remain present, heart centered, and excel in their positions, has been a true joy and extremely refreshing!

As mentioned previously, I want to shine a light on those who are effective, heart centered, and service oriented, as they bring their unique perspectives to their work. In the times we are in, some in the hospitality industry can feel "pressured" and possibly "overworked," but more so than not, most are super happy in their positions, and have excelled within the brands they work for. Not only that, they are appreciated and valued by their employers.

What is it about them as individuals? And what does it also say about the companies they work for that encourage, and appreciate this kind of talent?

My third interview is with Tobie Palmer (Tobie manages up to 10 employees during the busy season, and overseas the merchandising, marketing, etc...)

Me: How long have you been working for the Shops at Glenwood Hot Springs?

Tobie: July will be my three year anniversary. (At the time of our interview, they were still recovering a bit from a massive construction project that was done with the two bridges affecting the main thoroughfare in both directions which took 3 months.)

My take away:

When a property, in general, is dealing with any kind of construction/ renovations,etc... everyone on every level is affected in some way or another. Rising strong in Tobie's department, having the resilience to get back on track with numbers and dollars, is just an example of what good leaders do. They go through "challenges" and are super resilient, and that resilience is spread throughout and among all team members.


#rising strong

Me: What is your favorite part of your job?

Tobie: The merchandising. I love to work with the displays making sure they look nice. Having an artistic eye, definitely helps.

My take away:

Tobie's expertise in graphic design, photography, visual arts - adds an invaluable aspect to her position that is obvious. Her creative talents complement her position at Glenwood Hot Springs. Those who head retail areas within properties such as Glenwood, know that their retail area is a profit center, so the space does need to make money and show profitability. Being able to blend her creative insights when working with displays, color palettes, merchandising, point of purchase materials, etc... is definitely an asset. Her creativity, as well as her ability to think "outside the box," also serves her in coming up with impressive solutions to any "challenges" that may arise - whether with guests or with her team.

#creativity at work

#right brained insights & ideas

Me: What two words best describe 2018 for you?

Tobie: Growth and Recovery

My take away:

These two words to me, reveal a true leader. Dealing with the construction that went on, and being able to recover so gracefully is impressive. The deep growth with her team, as well as getting back on track with numbers, are all indicative of the kind of leader Tobie is.



#grow with the flow

Me: Do you consider yourself an "introvert" or "extrovert?”

Tobie: Introvert

My take away:

As we spoke about the "label" of being an "introvert" - it seems like many who love to be around people and love to connect with others, also love to be alone and spend time away from people. When Tobie is not at work, she enjoys quiet time and does not go out of her way to be in crowds. She is super content to be at home with her family and dogs. I started to think that these "labels" are often misunderstood by many, and though they are used so much in the hospitality industry in general, I am not sure they are needed.




Me: How do you stay so effective in your role as Retail Supervisor?

Tobie: I have a great team! We all "click" really well, and we like to have fun at work. I make sure when I am doing my hiring and interviewing, that I look at an individual's personality, to ensure they are a good fit with our team that is already in place. I have the ability to be extremely patient and empathetic, and this is definitely an asset when working with my team. I am also very organized, and I do not get too stressed.

My take away:

Not surprised at this - since all great leaders know it is ultimately all about the team, and it is imperative, all team members work well together. There is a certain synergy that exists among wonderful teams. Being patient and having empathy are two traits all great leaders seem to have.

#all about the team

#better together




Me: Do you feel valued at work?

Tobie: Yes, definitely. We have wonderful leadership here, and the employees are treated with fairness and kindness. Employees feel very appreciated!

My take away:

All great companies value their employees!

Me: Do you have hobbies away from work that you enjoy?

Tobie: I love to work out. During the week, I do yoga and spin, and I also run and swim. On weekends, I make sure I do something outdoors with my son. We mountain bike, rock climb, and even when traveling for work, I try and find a local place to rock climb, stand up paddle, etc... to keep a similar routine to what I have at home. When I take time to recharge and take care of me, this makes me a better manager, wife, and mom.

My take away:

Working out and recharging, whether at home, or while traveling is a great way to stay centered and nurture oneself.

#self nurture


Another amazing interview, and I am very grateful that Tobie took the time to chat with me!

# gratitude

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