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Every Life Is Valuable

Every life is valuable;

That is for sure!

Those who think otherwise –

Are life's biggest bore!

Boring... boring...

The world and many people can be a bore...

Those who perpetuate the horrible myth –

That lawyers, and doctors are "worth more"...

"Worth more" in terms of what?

These "titles" mean zero – in my book...

Many doctors, and lawyers –

Are some of life's biggest crooks.

Those who are like serpents

Perpetuating life's biggest lies –

Are those who really need to see...

With deeper and more spiritual eyes.

No one should judge others –

Saying who is "better" or "knows more"...

Honestly, what I see...

Is real authentic love and equality is the cure!

Cure for this world's sickness –

All the judgement and greed...

Ignorance and ego,

Are what make up all the "bad seeds."

Every life is valuable;

Whoever thinks not is a disgrace –

We are all born with significance,

And those who think otherwise, are holding back this human race!

Always keep the faith, and be authentic. We are all valuable and all have divine gifts that are meant to be expressed and shared.

Faith Smith

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