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Entrepreneurs Do Not Live in "Vanilla Robot" Reality

I had written a series on this topic a few years ago, and it is as relevant today, in my opinion, as it was back then (possibly even more so...)

Some Excerpts...

One of my first jobs was at an ice cream parlor, and possibly this is why I have a genuine love of ice cream and all flavors. Most people have their "favorite," and stick with that. Myself, I always have loved mint chocolate chip; but also like all the others: strawberry, coffee, fudge brownie – even vanilla. Even vanilla? Yes, even vanilla!

If we are to respect and value one another, we must indeed respect all flavors, as every flavor offers a unique perspective. The fact that I am not "vanilla" and instead more of a "mint chocolate chip" gal, does not mean that others have the luxury to criticize my perspectives, judge my life choices, or condemn my opinions.

Most, if not all entrepreneurs I know, are strawberry, fudge swirl, rainbow sherbet or even bubble gum. Why? Because they create their life day by day; moment by moment. Yes, they have a plan, but when the plan does not "work" - they pivot, and try something else. They are not afraid to go with the flow, and live in the moment. They are creative, thoughtful, unique, and if you ask any entrepreneur their thoughts on any given topic, I am sure they will get you thinking. Why? Because entrepreneurs by nature are artists and creatives - and they view life different than most. Most, if not all "vanillas" like to live in certainty, imagined "security," with a plan, routine, and clear direction - which is fine, but it is quite different than the entrepreneurial mindset. Line up twelve entrepreneurs and ask them a question, and you will probably get twelve interesting and compelling perspectives. Line up twelve "vanillas" and you will probably get one common answer that will be more "cookie-cutter" and possibly something "programmed" from their early years or from media/culture.

We live in a world now, where those who think different than others, and have a variety of unique perspectives are not only criticized, but are also being ridiculed, and made to feel like they do not "belong." The worst thing anyone can do to another human being, is to make them feel like they do not belong. Possibly many entrepreneurs do not "fit in" - but that is different than "belonging." We all deserve the journey to find our unique blueprint, and share our gifts with the world. We all have innate gifts where we can shine, and for another person to try and dim our light, or make us feel undeserving to live a life of fulfillment, is not only wrong - it is heart breaking!

I hope any entrepreneur reading this post will follow their own heart, find their own unique gifts, and stop playing small. Whether you are strawberry fudge, cookies and cream, or blueberry sherbet - be that! Be who you are!

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith

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