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Energy ROI

Every day in business,

I hear the term ROI;

What does this really mean?

And why do we care, why?

For most it means the following:

Return on investment – (spent in dollars);

Will they get a return?

To put on their spreadsheets and holller...

Holler for joy –

That their money is "working" to bring them a "return;"

For us who value our energy,

It is truly our energy that we are more concerned.

My ROI is based on energy;

Is it worth my time, and also joy...

If it is not,

Then the dollar signs can be a "ploy."

Are you motivated by money?

Heart centeredness or joy?

Fulfillment and peace?

Or are you a "robot" gal or boy?

Spreadsheets, numbers;

Dollar signs, and bottom lines...

What is your intention?

Can be an "energetic" not so fine time.

ROI is not just about dollars –

Surprise, surprise surprise!

But say this to a "spreadsheet" person,

And they will think that you are high.

What? bottom line, budgets –

Productivity ,profits, and gain?

There is something else...

That we will need to see, to sustain...

Yes, indeed...

Business is truly so much more –

It's about energy, people,

Deep authentic connections galore.

So what is my ROI?

I now look at the energy and time.

Is this worth my valuable assets?

Which can never be replaced with a "spreadsheet" bottom line.

Those who value energy,

And relationships and such...

Will understand that ROI-

Is "intangible" and something that can not be touched...

With the 5 senses,

Energy goes way beyond that...

Those who look at ROI as energy

Totally deserve a genuine pat on the back!!

Always keep the faith and stay true to yourself, and your own divine energy and flow.

Faith Smith

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