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Earth Element: Incorporating Ancient Principles of Feng Shui into Your Resort/Spa Retail

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

The Compass ("Lo Pan") was introduced by the Chinese to assist in making Feng Shui application more exact. Since the original intention was to assist people and communities to live in harmony and cooperation with nature, it is important to look at the key directional areas in your Spa/Retail space that correspond to these key compass points to maximize unity, balance, and tranquility: North, East/Southeast, South, Northeast/Southwest, West/Northwest, West, and the Center Point.

It is these compass points that are activated by the distinct alignments of the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth, metal. Ultimately, you want there to be symmetry and resonance.

We are all familiar with the element of Earth, so it is important to know where to incorporate the Earth element for maximum effectiveness. The Northeast, Center, and Southwest are the best choices. Things that you can add to these areas, are obviously anything that comes from the earth. Many like to incorporate rocks, stones, pebbles, ceramics, clay/ porcelain, tile, granite and/or pottery into these areas; as well as to incorporate earth toned hues of yellows, tans, golds, beiges, and browns. Display racks that showcase product categories with these colors will do favorably in these areas. Shapes that are conducive to these areas include squares, rectangles and cubes. Counter and/or floor displays in these shapes are optimal in these areas as well. It is best to avoid placing the wood element in any of the Earth areas. The supporting element of fire, is ok to incorporate. Many Spas are incorporating Salt Lamp(s) to these areas as a terrific way to integrate Earth with the supportive fire element.

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