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Balanced Guru - A Genuinely Balanced and Whole Corporate Culture

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Featured Spotlight - Paola Pinto (Co-Founder - Balanced Guru)

Since I have received such great responses and wonderful feedback for my recent blog interviews, I decided to expand and interview some of my favorite vendors/manufacturers. Not only do they have wonderful products, but the teams and corporate cultures that they have created, speak volumes as to workplace wholeness and workplace wellness.

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Shining a spotlight on those who are effective and heart centered, while they are leading; is something I feel is vitally important. We all can learn and grow by engaging in meaningful conversations, such as these, that can benefit the whole. Whether a company is small, mid sized, or large, the common thread is the same, and the questions asked are quite similar. What kinds of unique perspectives do these leaders bring to their brand, and how do they relate to their team? In addition, do their employees, on all levels, feel appreciated and valued by those that lead?

What is it about these leaders as individuals? And what does it also say about their companies and brands that are thriving in the workplace wholeness space.

My interview with Paola Pinto, is the first of this series...

Me: When did you and your brother start Balanced Guru?

Paola: Approximately 4-5 years ago. We work really well together, and my brother and I are a solid team. We do not do anything without sharing with one another. My brother has an amazing eye for detail, and is very on point with his perspectives.

My take away:

Paola came up with the name "Balanced Guru" and it is not surprising to me. She is one of the most grounded, present, and loving individuals among whom I work. Genuine love, authenticity, and joy are at the foundation of this organization. Paola and her brother both have the energy of love, presence, and compassion in their aura. When you speak with them, they are always warm and loving, and present! There is a genuine feeling of caring and compassion for ALL the people that are part of their organization.

#compassion at work

#being present

#presence at work

Me: What is your favorite part of your role at Balanced Guru?

Paola: When I am at a show, and a "stranger" comes up to me and tells me how much they love our products. There is an authentic sharing in that, and it brings me a lot of joy.

My take away:

All of the Balanced Guru products are "winners," and there is at least one or two products that are perfect for anyone! Both of Paola's parents are chemists and have been in the manufacturing business for many years. Paola's mom is the chemist at Balanced Guru - the mind behind every formulation. Her father overseas and manages all production. Many of their employees have been with them for many years. It is a true team effort, based upon authenticity that is evident with the Balanced Guru brand.


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Me: The amount of presence and heart centeredness you demonstrate is quite refreshing in times where most leaders are not present and compassionate with their teams. How are you able to remain so authentically present in your work?

Paola: When I am in a safe and quiet space I want to be mindful, and when I am with another I try and do the same thing. I want my level of attention to be the same, whether I am alone, or with someone else. I practice mindfulness, and the more I do it, the easier it gets to be present in each moment.

My take away:

Many talk about being mindful and present, and many read books about mindfulness and presence. Being a demonstration is a totally different thing. Paola is definitely an example and demonstration of someone who is able to be present, centered, and loving in the moment. We can all learn a lot from her, just by being in her presence.



#heart centered



Me: Do you have any daily practices that help to keep you so present, mindful, and loving?

Paola: Every morning after feeding my dog, I light a candle and sit quietly and pray or just breathe, for at least 10 minutes, sometimes longer. In the evening I walk my dog, and this is also like an evening walking meditation, We have beautiful trails by our house, and we live in a quiet neighborhood where there is not too much traffic.

My take away:

Another thing people speak about is the importance of having daily practices and "rituals."

Again, Paola demonstrates this, and lives this. It is clear without even knowing this about her, as I knew before asking this question, that she has to have some kind of daily practice to be able to operate at this level. Any interaction I have ever had with her, even prior to working together, has been quite refreshing, as well as powerful.

Working with her, I have always been able to express myself, my ideas, as well as my heart with her. She was one of the very few people I work with, who was genuinely present for me, when I was going thru some physical health issues. To this day, she always asks me how things are, how am I doing, she gently guides with amazing advice and suggestions on work/ life, etc... she is exceptional as a person, leader, and role model.

#team connections

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#team presence

Me: What are some of the things that you enjoy when not at work?

Paola: I enjoy going for walks (especially with my dog), going to the movies, going to the beach. It is definitely important to designate a time for fun and joy The decision to do things that are not "work related," and that are fun and bring us joy, should be a priority. I feel like these things are necessities.

#joy is a priority

#fun is a priority

Me: What are the two words that best describe this year 2018 for you?

Paola: New beginnings. I look for them, and I create them.

My takeaway:

That pretty much sums it up! Paola looks for new beginnings, while also looks to create them. We are all here to grow, evolve, and expand - both personally and professionally. Paola lives this!

#new beginnings



This has been an amazing interview, and I am so grateful Paola took the time to chat with me. There is true joy and gratitude in being authentically connected with another especially within one's work.


For more information on Balanced Guru visit


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