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Are you a "Mary" or a "Martha?"

For women who read the Bible, many can relate to Mary and Martha in the book of Luke. Some relate more to Mary, and some to Martha.

Even though they are sisters they are very different; and Jesus loved them both!

Martha is the "doer." In our society today, she would probably be the "make things happen," always busy-type of woman. She may be the "extrovert" that engages well with the "hustle culture."

Mary is the one who is "present; quiet, focused, and peaceful. In our society today she would probably be the one who is the devoted wife, mother, heart centered friend and/ or encouraging co-worker. She may be the "introvert" that engages well with those who are nurturing, compassionate, and seek wisdom..

It does seem indeed that our culture is filled with "Marthas." Where are all the "Marys?" Not every woman wants to be a "go-getter," busy all the time, and striving up a "corporate" ladder which is most often set up against a crumbling and unstable wall.

For those who are "Martha" types, please do appreciate the "Marys." They add a lot to our culture and are gifted in many ways; ways that others may not be aware of. Take the time to get to know some of the "Marys," and possibly you may come to love and respect them.






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