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Featured Spotlight - Joshua Bredimus

(Area Director Spa & Fitness Hotel Valley Ho & Mountain Shadows)

This blog series has been an amazing platform to connect with others who are heart centered, authentic, and real. These individuals offer not only unique perspectives to what they do within the hospitality industry, but they are also demonstrations of heart based and compassionate leadership.

From the first time I met Joshua, I knew there was something quite amazing about him. His professional demeanor coupled with his compassionate and open heart was evident, so I knew that interviewing him would be a perfect fit for this series.

As mentioned in some of my previous posts, rising stars are indeed just that! Rising stars. They are stars that shine from within and it is obvious to those they connect with.

By shining a spotlight on individuals who bring their uniqueness to their work, and shine within their organizations, it is my hope that those reading can understand, if they do not already – people first then profits. Individual uniqueness first and then training within that uniqueness. When companies understand we are all unique expressions and we bring our own gifts, talents, personalities, and flair to what we do, it is a “win” for everyone!

Many of these individuals I have interviewed, have excelled within the brands they work for; and are also appreciated and valued by their employers. What is it about them as individuals? And what does it also say about the companies they work for that encourage and appreciate this kind of talent?

My interview with Joshua is below…

Me: How long have you been in your position as Area Director of Spa & Fitness at Hotel Valley Ho and Mountain Shadows?

Joshua: I have been in this role approximately a year and a half, and prior to this I was Spa Director at Hotel Valley Ho, for approximately two and one half years.

My take away:

When I met Joshua years ago, he was working as Spa Director at Saguaro Spa, and I knew there was something so uniquely amazing about him. It is no surprise to me that Joshua has been able to grow and expand within his present company, and I am sure there is so much more to see from him, as he evolves in his position as Area Director of Spa & Fitness.



Me: So, tell me a bit about your background. Did you always want to be in the Hospitality Industry?

Joshua: I started out as a personal trainer and then massage therapist. I have a degree in exercise and wellness, and became an exercise physiologist.

My take away:

I have noticed that a lot of individuals within the hospitality arena, come with a background in health and/or fitness. Since we all bring our consciousness to all we do, it is not surprising to me that Joshua would use his background, personality, as well as his innate gifts in a way that is complementary to any “job,” or in any “field” of work.

Me: Let’s chat a bit about the “guest experience.” I know this is one of your main focuses.

Joshua: Our philosophy is “happy guests.” Whether a guest comes in for a “discounted” service, or it is one of our most “important” guests, we do not “rate” guests. Whoever is our guest in each moment, is the most important in that moment. When guests go to a spa, they are looking for a wonderful experience. Much of this experience is based on the individuals who work with us, as well as all of the other elements that make up an amazing experience. There is an authentic component that is accessible to each guest, so that they feel the passion and thought put into each service, as well as the fluidity and organic nature of each experience.

My take away:

It is always the “experience” that leads. When a guest has an amazing experience, that experience lasts beyond the time and space spent at a location. There are many “intangible” qualities that make for a spectacular experience, and Joshua understands this on a very deep level.

#guest experience


Me: With my own passion for workplace wholeness and all of its components, tell me a bit about your amazing Roc @ Life.

Joshua: So Roc @ Life is our Corporate Wellness Program. I run the program, and since our umbrella company is West Roc, this is a terrific name and concept. We have nutritional seminars, free fitness classes, daily exercise assessments, we have special events, as well as contests. Our wellness calendar is updated monthly. Our program is available to all employees, as it is our desire for all our employees to function at their best.

My take away:

Obviously I am intrigued by this program, as the focus on wholeness and wellness among all employees is impressive. Joshua understands fully that individuals who function at their best and feel good, ultimately add to an entire team and staff feeling good, uplifted, as well as inspired. Our workplace is a place where we should thrive and be within a culture where we feel supported to function at our best and highest potential. I love what Joshua and his team have put together for Roc@Life.

#workplace wholeness

#company culture

Me: So, with all you do, how do you stay so organized and present?

Joshua: I am very organized and I pay attention to others. I know how to prioritize and what to do next, or what can be done at a later time/ date. I use my calendar function on my iphone. I love to learn and I think true listening and being present comes with the job. We need to be intuitive with our guests, and it takes practice as well as consistency to be of great service to others.

My take away:

The ability to stay organized and be truly present is imperative for anyone who strives to be of service to others. The intuitive aspect that Joshua mentions, is rarely spoken about, and I believe it to be one of the most significant aspects to any job working with others. Being able to connect on a heart level and also an intuitive level, are the intangible “soft skills” that many companies are looking for. The heart and intuition are the leading guides to establishing and maintaining true and lasting connections with others. Joshua’s gifts of being heart centered and intuitive, while also being organized and professional, speaks volumes as to the type of leader he is.


#heart centeredness

#true leadership

Me: Let’s chat about your team, as you must have a great team to be able to accomplish all you do, and be able to remain so authentic.

Joshua: I have an amazing team! Without my team I would not be able to do what I do. If no strong team, no strong operation. I am able to delegate and I have strong people in leadership positions. I focus on what each individual does well, and my awareness in this helps a lot. I want others to have the freedom to make decisions on their own, and I don’t get in the way of the things they are good at. I enjoy being able to utilize and honor a person’s talents for their own individual development as well as for the collective product we give to our guests.


#unique talents

#freedom of expression

Me: What is your favorite part of your job?

Joshua: I love sharing ideas that are “out of the box” that no one has considered. I love unique ideas, concepts, as well as the sharing of them. Whether others “like” it or not, I love the process. We have a mantra here – “the best ideas win.” It does not matter who comes up with the idea – we always want the best ideas to be implemented.

My take away:

Many of us are “out of the box” thinkers. It is amazing that Joshua is himself an “out of the box” thinker, and also embraces others’ creativity and unique perspectives and ideas. Too many companies are not only “rigid” in their approach, but also are not receptive to others’ ideas and feedback; and this in fact does everyone a disservice. Joshua’s environment of team, fresh ideas, and honoring others perspectives; is an environment that truly supports the thriving of its employees, as well as the larger organization as a whole.

Me: What are the things you enjoy outside of work? Hobbies?

Joshua: I love classic cars, music, food, and travel. I also love to write. I write stories with plots and twists, and many of my friends read them. I think it is important to do things that are fun and enjoyable. You don’t have to be “great” at things, as long as you find the pleasure in them. I also love to learn. I am a continual student, as there is always more to learn. The best in life is when I surprise myself with a skill I never knew I had.

My take away:

So many layers to this answer. It is amazing when we can take time to have fun, and do things solely for the pleasure and joy it brings us. As Joshua mentions, we don’t have to be “great” at things to enjoy them. As long as we are doing them, and having fun- that is what matters. Also, it is my belief as well, that we are all students. We are all learning; and being curious about life is one of the foundations from which springs forth great things, new ideas, and evolving concepts. Joshua is a demonstration of this in both his personal life and professional life – his being present and his sense of wonderment and curiosity is powerful.

#enjoying life


Me: With 2018 more than half over, what two words sum up 2018 so far for you – both professionally and personally?

Joshua: Learning & Growth. There are always amazing opportunities being presented, and it is up to me to sift through each opportunity and look at which ones are good for all or most. Which ones will make the largest impact in the most positive ways.

My take away:

With so many opportunities, and time being such a valuable resource, I know how imperative it is to review each and every opportunity and make the best decisions we can. Many times we have to “turn down” opportunities, but as Joshua mentions, with so many opportunities for learning and growth, it is crucial to make decisions based on what will have the most positive impact for all involved. I am a huge advocate for creating “win-wins” as it is in this synergy that true connection, authenticity, and power lies.





I loved this interview. Joshua is one of my favorite people in the hospitality industry. His sincerity, heart centeredness, openness, as well as true authenticity are leadership qualities that deserve much respect! Very grateful Joshua took the time to do this interview.

#leading from within

#heart centeredness


It is my hope that those reading this interview can take away something that may resonate with them and their own journey, so they may go deeper into living their best, most authentic heart centered life!


#divine alignment

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