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A #311 Friend

Everyone needs,

A #311 friend.

What is this?

Not something one can "pretend."

This is serious indeed,

As life can be extremely tough;

Unless you have a friend,

Who can understand ALL your "stuff."

Your "stuff" pertaining to....

All the good and bad,

All the light and dark,

What makes you happy and also sad.

Someone who understands –

Your gifts; your unique soul & heart;

Someone who supports,

And encourages all of you – all of your precious and unique parts.

To assist and support your growth,

And journey to be "whole;"

To embrace all of you –

Your mind, heart, and forever soul.

Only a #311 friend,

Will understand who you truly are;

Everyone else...

Will criticize and judge from afar...

They will project on to you,

Their own shadow self, and all their doubts;

A #311 friend understands,

That this is not what life is about.

We are here to know one another,

At a deep and heart based level;

A #311 friend

Is someone who never wants us to "settle"...

Settle for less than...

Our greatest potential and joy;

I am very fortunate to have,

A #311 friend, oh boy!!!

Always have faith in yourself and your forever journey! Be grateful for a #311 friend – they are divine treasures! A #311 friend knows who they are, and

need to be reminded just how special and treasured they are always!

Faith Smith

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