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Now that it is 2020, many are" into" their New Year's "Resolutions" for a few weeks.

Thought I'd share a poem my Grandfather wrote many many years ago, as there is much truth in it. Hope you enjoy!

Why not treat every day like New Year's Day

And you'll find a better tomorrow

For today depends on what you did yesterday

For yesterday, today was tomorrow.

It's simply a state of mind, you see

If you'd only make the most of each day

The path to success will be well lit

And your efforts will find the right way.

Start the day with a positive thought

And think of good things to come

Make every effort to do right what's at hand

And success will be yours and then some.

For being successful is a matter of plan

You build today for tomorrow, you see

And if you like what you're doing intensely enough

You can't help but successful be,

So make every day a New Year's Day

And resolve to do better each day

Then you'll easily find the road to success

And the path will be clear all the way.

So here's to you and also to this year

May it be the year you've been waiting for

May your every hope and dreams come true

For you in full measure, and even a little more.

- My Grandpop Jack

Always keep the faith, love, and hope on your journey each and every day!

Faith Smith

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My Grandfather was a poet. He was gifted in his use of language, as well as perspectives. I always wondered why no one really appreciated his gifts. I also always wondered why no one took the time to share and/ or publish all of his poems. I have very few things, but what I do have are a few of my Grandfather's poems. One of them is called "Be The Best of Whatever You Are ", and I thought I would share here. Possibly someone reading it may appreciate it:

(My favorite verse is the last- "Remember, that no one can be you like you can; so make the most of yourself, please do. For if you've learned the art of being yourself, everything will be 'o.k,' with you".)

"Be The Best of Whatever you Are"

If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill

Be a scrub in the valley....but be

The best little scrub on the side of the hill

Be a bush if you can't be a tree.

if you can't be a bush, be a bit of grass

Along the highway, a pretty sight make

If you can't be a whale, then just be a bass

But be the liveliest bass in the lake.

If you can't be a highway, then be a trail

If you can't be the sun, be just a star

It isn't by the size that you win or you fail

But be the best of whatever you are.

if you can't be a poet who writes good verse

Be a plain scribbler... but be

The best darn scribbler this side of heaven

Be a plain verse writer like me.

Whatever your work; whatever you do

if you take time to do it at all

Do it the very best you know how

Whether the task is real big or just small.

Remember, it's not important what you are

And it's not always important what you know

But how well you use your knowledge

Will determine just how far you will go.

If you can't be the best, be the very next best

if you can't be the best, try your best

To improve whatever you're doing today

So tomorrow you'll pass the real test.

Remember, that no on can be you like you can

So make the most of yourself, please do

For if you've learned the art of being yourself

Everything will be "o.k" with you.

- My GrandPop Jack.

Always remember that no one can be you like you can - always keep the faith in your own heart and journey!

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Who can bear pain?

I can't of course...

It is not very pleasant,

I definitely can report.

Is it necessary?

Or is it a waste?

That is up to you –

When pain smacks you upside the face.

Pain runs deep,

Through ever fiber of your being;

Seems like many great leaders,

Use their pain to motivate their leading.

I've never met a leader,

Who has not had some deep pain –

The perspectives that can be gained

Are powerful and leave stains.

Stains on one's heart,

Mind, body, and soul–

Pain can play indeed,

A very transformational role.

Transforming one's self;

One's life; and one's heart.

What other experiences have triggered,

Deep pain completes that transformational start.

Who can bear pain?

I can't of course...

it is not very pleasant,

I definitely can report.

Pleasant or not,

As wise ones would state –

Deep pain is inevitable,

If one is to master themselves and create.

Create a life –

That has wisdom and depth,

Integrating all the lessons,

And all the tears that have been wept.

For anyone who has been there,

Pulled through in the deep pain of life –

They are the true heroes,

The ones who have conquered the deepest and most powerful fight!

Always "Keep the Faith" in your own heart and journey.

Faith Smith


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