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Enjoy a 90 minute Essential Journey Chocolate Body Treatment with complimentary sparkling wine and a chocolate treat. Their chocolate and mint body scrub treatment, will awaken your skin and slough away dead cells while it soothes, hydrates, and nourishes with natural minerals and potent antioxidants. Then, utilizing the richness of the cocoa bean, their indulgent chocolate body wrap will then be applied all over your body, full of anti-oxidants to protect from damage caused by free radicals. For those who love chocolate ( which is possibly everyone)- this is sure to please all your senses!

For the fun and playful couples, the Spa at Meadowood Napa Valley offers a unique Spa experience which is sure to leave lasting memories:

Enjoy a couple’s sensual chocolate painting session. After your couple's massage, enjoy 30 minutes in your suite and paint your partner with a chocolate body mask, while you stay warm in your private steam shower and absorb all the benefits.

Great choices for an unbelievably memorable Valentines Day month of sweetness and love!

For more information on the above, as well as bookings, please call 707-967-1275

( * Please note, these are not included with the packages in my previous post. These are a la carte options

exclusively for the spa).

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Featured Spotlight - Alexandra Yarborough

(Senior Concierge)

I met Alexandra many years ago at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad – now it is Omni La Costa. As I have been doing these interviews, I thought Alexandra would be a perfect fit for my series on workplace wholeness and workplace wellness.

As mentioned in some of my previous interviews, I want to shine a light on those who are positive, engaging, present, as well as “whole;” as they bring their unique perspectives to their work. In the times we are in, some in the hospitality industry can feel “pressured” and possibly “over worked,” but more so than not, most are super happy in their positions, and have excelled within the brands they work for. Not only that, they are appreciated and valued by their employers.

What is it about them as individuals? And what does it also say about the companies they work for that encourage and appreciate this kind of talent?

Our work is supposed to be a place where we can be ourselves, and whatever the “job” or “profession,” we can all be healers for one another by being truly present, and engaged
in how we interact with one another.

It is my hope that we can all learn and grow by engaging in meaningful conversations such as these that can benefit the whole.

My interview with Alexandra is below...

Me: How long have you been in the Hospitality/Spa arena?

Alexandra: I started with La Costa in June 2011, and now it is Omni, so I have been working at this location 7 years.

My take away:

I met Alexandra when the Resort was La Costa Resort, a KSL Resort, and even back then I knew she was someone special, and knew that she was going to thrive in the hospitality space. Hospitality is about people and service. Alexandra is defiantly a people person, who is not only heart centered and present in all that she does and says, but is also super organized and efficient. This blend makes for a spectacular fit for any team at a Resort.



#being integrated at work

#workplace wholeness

Me: Did you have prior experience in concierge services before getting hired?

Alexandra: I had no prior experience. I went to a job fair here at La Costa and got a call back. I was interviewed, and then hired in a “seasonal” concierge position. Once the season was over, I was asked if I wanted to stay and they changed my position to full time concierge.

My take away:

Being a people person, does not involve any “prior experience” – it is the experience of demonstration. Those who genuinely love connecting with others have the ability to be present in another’s presence and are here to serve – there is no “training” for these skills. These are the best types of individuals for companies to hire, as these are the leaders and team players. One can lead and also be part of a winning team. Organizational details and specialized “tasks” can be taught. Thriving companies look for people like Alexandra.




#team players

Me: I notice that the concierge interacts with every department. How have you been able to master this role?

Alexandra: I embrace the fact that I work as a team with other departments. My main point of contact is with the front office, bell stand, In room dining team, and IT.; but my role can be seen as a kind of liaison among all departments. I have been really good at connection and creating relationships and alliances with other key departments such as Sales, Marketing, Food and Beverage, and Accounting. I take the time to get to know the individuals in each department and love creating and building relationships.

My take away:

The value of relationships and connection is crucial – especially in the work environment. We spend so much of our time as well as our energy in our “jobs” or “positions” that if we are not connecting with others in our work environment, then this should be a call for concern. Those who take the time to work with those with whom they can connect with on both a personal and professional level, lead richer lives, and are generally more fulfilled and content in their work.

#workplace wholeness


#relationship building

Me: So do you have a favorite part of your job?

Alexandra: My favorite part is connecting with different departments to really shift the dynamics of work culture. When someone new comes on board, I make it a point to introduce myself, and maintain and build from there. I like to develop rapport with others.

My second favorite part of my job is service and creating an exceptional type of experience for each guest – whether it is in person or on the phone.

#work culture

#workplace wholeness

My take away:

As many industries are wanting their workers and employees to become more “robotic” and mechanic in their day to day responsibilities, it is great to know that there are those companies who value individual talents, gifts, and perspectives. The whole is about the sum of its parts... so those who embrace the uniqueness of its parts, make for a thriving work culture. It is awesome that Alexandra can bring her uniqueness, flair, and perspectives to her role, as she is definitely a key part of the overall team.

#workplace wholeness

#company culture


Me: Since you interact with so many guests, do you ever have any “difficult” ones, and if so, how do you handle these guests?

Alexandra: Most of our guests are a joy and a delight! If there is a “difficult” guest, sometimes I will take a step away from my desk, and just breathe. I remind myself that people generally bring in who they are and where they are at in life. I also remind myself that they have chosen to be “delightful” or “difficult.” For the “difficult ones,” I see this as an opportunity to build my skill set, attitude, and character. I can not take their attitude personally. I can only do my best and maintain grace and poise serving them. I am really good at being gracious, diplomatic, and flexible.

My take away:

This can be a common theme of any job or position. While most people are wonderful to work with, there can be those that are “difficult.” Whether it is a one time interaction with a guest or client, or it is a pattern with someone we work with, it is best to remember to not take it “personal.” Alexandra’s way of handling tough situations is spot on, and we can all take this in.

Me: You do so much and have so many responsibilities, are you good at asking for help when you need to?

Alexandra: Yes, I do not have a problem with asking for help or advice. I ask for help when I really need it and I am also patient when others need it. I am really good at juggling things, in general, and am good at prioritizing and delegating. I realize that I can’t be the best in all areas.

My take away:

Many of us have so much on our plates and are pulled in so many directions, it is definitely a sign of strength to be able to ask for help or advice. We are all here to contribute our uniqueness and perspectives to all we do, so if others can add a perspective or lending hand, it is always wonderful as well as appreciated on multiple levels.

Me: Two part question: How are able to be so grounded and centered ? Do you have any daily “routines?”

Alexandra: One of the most important things in life is to let people know that I see them and acknowledge them. I let people know this in my actions. I am present with what I am doing, whether face to face or on the phone. I am able to give guests my full attention.

I am most recently starting “routines” around my high time and low time of energy. I am finding my algorithm. I start my day with prayer and time in God’s Word receiving instruction and strength from Him. For ten minutes or so, before work, I visualize what my day will look like, and I set my goals for the day (personal as well). I have a visual calendar as well as use Evernote, where I prioritize most important to least important for personal, work, and my music. I like to do a journal “mind spill.” This is when I write down all that is on my mind and release.

Also, I like to walk during my lunch breaks. The one thing in my routine that is non-negotiable is my Bible time in the morning. Being in the Word gives me peace of mind. Peace is the highest priority.

My take away:

The importance of daily rituals, and finding one’s own unique flow in maintaining one’s center point is imperative, especially in the times we are in!

#daily rituals

#free flow writing

#spiritual practice.

Me: We touched on your music briefly, so let’s chat a bit more about your music, as well as what some of your other passions and interests are.

Alexandra: I enjoy UFC fights as well as love to hang out with friends. I love to go for walks on the beach and I also love to explore brief excursion to learn more about my city. I enjoy time with family, and I love to do my music. I am a songwriter. I write all my own music and sing. My stage name is Lexy Luz (Luz means light in Spanish), and you can find my music on YouTube, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

My take away:

The ability to express oneself and touch others, whether writing, speaking, singing, or rapping – is a gift as well as an art. Alexandra is definitely creative, artistic, heart centered, and present in all she does. The consciousness she brings to her work, is the same consciousness she brings to everything else in her life!



#content same form different.

Me: What two words sum up 2018 so far for you?

Alexandra: “Keep your eyes on Jesus” – this sums up my faith. Keep eyes on God, whatever the circumstances. Through all of my experiences, my faith has deepened, and I am very aligned in my faith and trust in Christ Alone as my source. My faith in Him guides me and leads me to be all I can be to serve others.



My take away:

Alexandra is a true demonstration of walking her talk. Her actions, words, and deeds are aligned; and her core is one of beauty, grace, and divine radiance. The glow she has and the faith, joy, and trust she radiates is extremely spectacular!

I am so blessed and grateful for this interview. Being able to share and connect with someone like Alexandra is a treat, and it is wonderful to be able to connect on many levels. It is my hope that those reading this interview can take away something that may resonate with them and their own journey.


#divine alignment



#deep gratitude

For more information on Alexandra and her music, visit:

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Featured Spotlight - Deirdre Strunk (Canyon Ranch Spa Club in Las Vegas)

My interview with Deirdre was another one of my favorite interviews! We could have chatted all day about the topics that not only I am super passionate about, but she is as well. In fact, when we did this interview, she was on her way to Los Angeles for an Emotional Intelligence Conference, and that in itself speaks volumes about the kind of leader Deirdre is. Learning, growing, evolving, while embracing the skills that are respected and appreciated in the hospitality industry - it is her deep understanding of leadership, that I wanted to further shine a light on.

Many of you who know me, are aware that I have a lot of interests, talents, and gifts; and have done many wonderful things in my life. The common thread weaving together all that I have done, is my love of people and my fascination with my own journey as well as others. Growth, expansion, and purpose, while enjoying and embracing the process, is fascinating to me.

Shining a spotlight on those who are authentic and heart centered, while they are leading, is something I feel is more important now than ever. In a society where many have to suppress their feelings and emotions at work; are in toxic work environments where they do not feel heard; are not encouraged to participate individual ideas, perspectives or opinions; etc... it is extremely refreshing to speak with those leaders who encourage team participation and open hearted connection, while maintaining a truly healthy and "well" work environment and culture. Our work is supposed to be a place where we can be ourselves, and be appreciated for our unique perspectives and talents we offer. True leaders understand this and want to bring out the best and highest potential in everyone.

#wellness at work

#workplace wellness

#wellness is wholeness

#happy at work


It is my hope that we can all learn and grow by engaging in meaningful conversations such as these, that can benefit the whole. What kinds of unique perspectives do these leaders bring to their brand, and how do they relate to their team? In addition, do their employees, on all levels, feel appreciated and valued by those that lead? What is it about these leaders as individuals? And what does it also say about their companies and brands that are thriving in the workplace wholeness space?

My interview with Deirdre, is below...

Me: When did you start with Canyon Ranch?

Deirdre: Approximately 3 years ago.

My take away:

Deirdre is really good at following what feels good. Her instincts, as well as focus, have served her in all she has done to date. Her vast experience in service and hospitality has included working at Westin, South Pointe, and now Canyon Ranch. She has her yoga certification, as well as her aesthetician and massage licenses. Those who possess the innate skills of sensitivity towards others and the capacity to have compassion for another, coupled with the relevant education and training, will always excel in whatever role they are in. Deirdre's ability to be a presence and a safe space for sharing (especially in a work environment), and genuinely wanting the best for every individual are some of the highest most treasured qualities any company should look for, when looking for leaders.

#sensitivity towards others

#compassion at work

#being present

#presence at work

#cheerleader for others

#cheerful heart

Me: Are you a water sign? (sun sign water)

Deirdre: Pisces.

My take away:

Having studied astrology for years, I felt intuitively like Deirdre's sun sign was in a water sign, or she has a lot of water in her chart. It is quite evident speaking with her, that she is super intuitive, and is really good at following her inner guidance. It is my belief that our hearts and our guts hold all the keys to our ultimate happiness, and it is up to us to pay attention and listen!

Me: What is your favorite part of your role at Canyon Ranch?

Deirdre: Watching my team thrive. My team has individual goals as well as team goals. Individual goals reach significant and impressive heights. Incentives are highly effective in terms of motivation as well as team morale.

My take away:

We are all here to grow and evolve as individuals and as teams. The synergy of Deirdre's team speaks volumes. The way they have their incentives set up make for a forward focused thriving team environment. (choosing a day off per year, with pay (any day), dollar incentives, etc..) Deirdre understands the basic premise, that rewarding individuals within a team, as well as the team itself, result in a company and culture that excels and thrives.


#team matters

#all about the team

#better together

#creative team building

#power of creative vision

Me: The amount of emotional intelligence and heart centeredness you demonstrate is super refreshing in times where most leaders are not present and compassionate with their teams. Many companies and leaders are solely interested in numbers, profits, and are mainly task oriented. How are you able to remain so authentically centered in your role, and encourage the things that matter most?

Deirdre: When there is too much focus on money, the morale tends to be poor. When companies put money before people it doesn’t make businesses successful. I believe that people first before money, and it has worked exceptionally well for myself, and my teams.

My take away:

Deirdre has invested lots of her heart and love into getting her team to where they are today. Whether it is her bringing in donuts on a Saturday morning, or asking one of her staff what their favorite childhood memory is, she provides a sacred space for others to truly be themselves, and provides the atmosphere where members of her team can say whatever is on their mind. She understands how to help open up those who may have walls around them, and really wants people to thrive and be at their best! She leads with an open heart, and provides a culture where individuals can thrive.

#leaders are approachable

#leading with heart


#heart centered

#thrive at work

Me: Do you have any daily practices that help to keep you so present, available, and loving?

Deirdre: Four years ago, I signed up for a Boot Camp challenge to lose 20 pounds. The challenge was to lose the weight, and then get your money back. I fell in love with the boot camp, lost 24 pounds, and got my money back, and continued. I go in the mornings, Monday thru Friday, and it is part of my routine. Every day it is something different - i.e. all body, all legs, running, etc. …

My take away:

Deidre not only has a strong refreshing mind, but also tends to her body. Whatever the "challenge," Deirdre embraces it, and ultimately masters it. She is a true leader in her demonstration of wholeness.


#team connections

#team compassion

#team presence

Me: I have noticed that you always return an email. Whether you are interested in a product or not, you are always so respectful. In a time where many in the Resort/ Spa industry do not respond to emails, how are you able to operate at this level of warmth, respect, and appreciation?

Deirdre: I value and respect other people's time. If someone takes the time to email me information on a product, even if it is not a "fit" for us, I still respond. I appreciate reps and vendors thinking of us, and I want to be respectful of their time as well.

My take away:

Especially in the times we are now in, time is one of our most significant resources. Valuing our own time and energy, as well as another's time and energy is the highest form of respect.




Me: What are the two words that best describe this year 2018 for you?

Deirdre: Fast and Exciting.

My takeaway:

As mentioned, at the time of this interview, Deirdre was on her way to LA, and not only took the time to chat with me, but will make sure to enjoy some time with her husband and daughter while In California. The mutual love and support she and her husband share is beautiful and significant. They are indeed a strong team, and that makes for a strong family as well. Importantly, even though this year 2018, is both "fast" and "exciting" for many of us, it is important to make sure we take time out for fun, joy, and connection!

I loved this interview, and time spent chatting with Deirdre. I am so grateful she took the time to chat with me. Sharing time and deep connection with another is so valued and appreciated, especially

within one's work.

#deep gratitude

For more information on Canyon Ranch LV visit


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